Suarez, Dones of Physical Therapy present research outputs in the USA

Professor Consuelo G. Suarez, MD, PhD, FPARM, RMSK, Research Supervisor of the Center for Health Research and Movement Science (CHRMS) and Assistant Professor Valentin C. Dones III, PhD, MSPT, PTRP, Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy, both under the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, were engaged in educational pursuits in their trip to the United States of America (USA) from September 17-30, 2015.  Both researchers of the CHRMS presented their research outputs in various fora in three key states in USA, namely Virginia, New York, and California.

On September 21, 2015, Dr. Suarez and Dr. Dones presented seven of their research publications in a post-conference workshop entitled ‘Fascia: The Missing Link in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lateral Epicondylalgia’ at the Fourth Fascia Congress in Reston, Virginia, USA.  The Fourth Fascia Congress was a highly regarded meeting of researchers, clinicians and educators whose primary interest is in the human fascia. During the conference, the latest and best scientific researches on human and animal fasciae were presented.  On September 25, 2015, Dr. Dones presented his Biomechanical Taping Technique, a novel technique used in the treatment of musculoskeletal pains, to the rehabilitation team of Wyckoff Heights Medical Centre Hospital in Bushwick, Brooklyn in New York City, USA. 

On September 28, 2015, both faculty members visited the California Baptist University (CBU), an institution which recently inked a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Santo Tomas in March 2015. Dr. Suarez, who was instrumental in facilitating the linkage between UST and CBU, initiated the drafting of an Agreement on Implementation of a research project on obesity with Dr. Margaret Barth, the Program Director of Nutrition and Food Sciences at the College of Health Sciences, CBU. After which, Dr. Suarez and Dr. Dones presented their research outputs on Snacking in Filipino Children and Effectiveness of Biomechanical Taping in Musculoskeletal Disorders, respectively, to the faculty and students of the College of Health Sciences.

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