Pineda-Cortel of MedTech chosen as one of 20 ASEAN Science Diplomats

Assoc. Prof. Maria Ruth B. Pineda-Cortel, PhD of the Department of Medical Technology of the Faculty of Pharmacy was selected as one of the 20 ASEAN Science Diplomats for the upcoming 2nd ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly, to be held in Davao City from April 23-27, 2018.

ASEAN Science Diplomats are tasked with the following: 1) identifying common problems and challenges in communicating science and technology; 2) building participants’ communication skills and confidence in engaging public audiences; 3) training the participants about the best practices and effective communication mechanisms; 4) capacitating the participants on how to develop grant proposals; and 5) developing proposals that will address the risks and impacts of climate change in the ASEAN region.

Areas of focus include climate change, food security, water sufficiency, and sustainable energy.

Pineda-Cortel is also a resident researcher of the Research Center for Natural and Applied Sciences.

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