Research Center for Natural and Applied Sciences


The UST Research Center for the Natural Sciences and Applied Sciences (RCNAS) functions as the Science and Technology research arm of the University. It brings together researchers of various disciplines namely, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, physics, engineering, pharmacy, and food technology – all working towards the objective of contributing to an improved quality of life and sustained viability of the environment.

Research Programs

Advanced and Nano Materials

Advanced and nano materials are developed for energy conversions, energy and thermal storage and drug delivery systems. The development of fuel cells with nanostructured catalyst allows the efficient conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy for possible applications in electronic devices and transportation

The development of supercapacitors with new electrode materials like conducting polymers and metal oxides with carbon support materials allows the storage of large amount of energy and discharge it quickly. The device has its application in electric cars, light-rail trains, emergency radios, mobile devices and energy recovery.

Phase change materials (PCM) which are energy storage media are used as thermal storage devices for cooling or heating load management and augments the utilization of renewable but intermittent energy sources.

New polymers their discovery and development for controlled release of drugs allow the prevention of drug toxicity and maximizes drug therapeutic effects.


BINAG, Christina A.

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry


DIMAANO, Maria Natalia R.

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering

UST FACULTY Engg ECE - DELA CRUZ Angelo R (2013, MA – 2×2 Gray)

DELA CRUZ, Angelo R.

Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Electronics Engineering


TONGOL, Bernard John V.

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, major in Applied Chemistry

Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

The research program deals with the identification of terrestrial and aquatic plant and animal species, through physiological and molecular characterization. Habitats and ecological influences are studied for biodiversity and conservation purposes.


ALEJANDRO, Grecebio Jonathan D.

Doctor of Natural Sciences

ust-f-sci-biosci-baldia-susana-f-2016-phd-2x2-gray BALDIA, Susana F.
UST FACULTY Sci BioSci - BANAG Cecilia A (2016, Dr rer nat - 2x2 Gray) BANAG, Cecilia A.
UST FACULTY Sci Bio - CAUYAN Gil A (2013, MS - 2x2 Gray) CAUYAN, Gil A.
UST FACULTY Sci Bio - DIESMOS Mae Lowe L (2014, MS - 2x2 Gray) DIESMOS, Mae Lowe L.
UST FACULTY Sci Bio - PAPA Rey Donne S (2014, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

PAPA, Rey Donne S.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences



Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences

Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

OPTICAL FIBER SENSORS make use of light to measure chemical concentrations with the aid of optical fibers and solid-state chemical reagents to detect heavy metals, ammonia, pesticides and other contaminants.

PIEZOELECTRIC SENSORS employ the vibration of quartz crystals to measure the amount of chemical substances. Newly developed materials, such as molecularly imprinted polymers, are incorporated to enable molecular recognition of substances like sugar, VCO, saxitoxin and caffeine.

ELECTROCHEMICAL SENSORS are based on the relationship of the electrical properties of chemical substances and their concentration. Novel materials such as conducting polymers, are exploited to impart intelligence of these devices, pH Sensor, dissolved oxygen sensor, cyanide sensor and detergent sensor

MICROBIAL SENSORS couple microorganisms with electronic systems for chemical measurement. Microorganisms that glow and can digest pollutants have been used in these sensors. Examples of these are water toxicity sensor and Biochemical Oxygen Demand Sensor.

UST FACULTY Sci Chem - ALBANO Dharmatov Rahula B (2016, PhD - 2x2 Gray) ALBANO, Dharmatov Rahula B.
UST FACULTY Sci Chem - BERGANTIN Jose Jr (2016, PhD - 2x2 Gray)


Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry



Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry



Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

UST FACULTY Sci Chem - SEVILLA Fortunato III B (2015, Academician - 2x2 Gray)

SEVILLA, Fortunato III B.

Doctor of Philosophy in Instrumentation and Analytical Science

Food Technology

This program focuses on the isolation and characterization of dairy protein chemistry for enhanced nutritional benefits. In addition, purification techniques are being developed for coconut water for its application in the food and beverage industry and in medicine.

UST FACULTY Engg ChE - MARCELO Philipina (2013, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

MARCELO, Philipina A.

Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science

Mathematical and Theoretical Physics

The research program deals with the use of mathematical analysis and multi-objective programming to solve problems related to life contingencies. Computational methods are used to generate new materials, such as nanoparticles and crystal structures with complex atom arrangement, and to determine entropies from atom trajectories of molecular dynamic simulations.

UST FACULTY Sci MathPhy - EGWOLF Bernhard (2016, Dr rer nat - 2x2 Gray)

EGWOLF, Bernhard

Doctor of Natural Sciences in Physics

UST FACULTY Engg IE - MABINI Marilyn C (2013, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

MABINI, Marilyn C.

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Sciences

UST FACULTY Sci MathPhy - MARTIN Mary C (2014, MS - 2x2 Gray)


Master of Science in Mathematics


BENJAMIN, Michael Francis D.

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering

Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics

The research program focuses on the molecular basis of allergy and cancer susceptibility. The research also deals with the development of methods for the detections of viruses associated with shrimps.

UST FACULTY Sci BioSci - ALBANO Pia Marie S (2016, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

ALBANO, Pia Marie S.P.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences

UST FACULTY Sci Bio - DE JESUS Maria Sheila (2013, MS - 2x2 Gray)

DE JESUS, Ma. Shiela M.

Master of Science in Microbiology

UST FACULTY Sci Bio - BACANO-MANINGAS Mary Beth (2014, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

MANINGAS, Mary Beth B.

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Marine Sciences

UST FACULTY Sci Bio - RAMOS John Donnie A (2014, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

RAMOS, John Donnie A.

Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biology / Immunology

UST FACULTY Phar BioChem - SANTIAGO Myla R (2014, MA - 2x2 Gray)


Master of Science in Biology


VARGAS, Andrea G.

Master of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Natural Products for Health and Wellness

Isolation and identification of chemical constituents from plants and microorganisms are undertaken for possible applications for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Biological properties of constituents determined by specific bioassays include anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-diabetic and smooth muscle modulating effects.

UST FACULTY Sci Chem - AGUINALDO Alicia M (2016, PhD - 2x2 Gray)


Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

FACULTY - Dr Apostol, Jovel(2013, MA – 2×2 Gray)

APOSTOL, Jovencio G.

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy



Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy


CORPUZ, Mary Jho-Anne T.

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy


DACANAY, Aleth Therese L.

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy

UST FACULTY Sci Chem - MACABEO Allan Patrick G (2016, Dr rer nat - 2x2 Gray)

MACABEO, Allan Patrick G.

Doctor of Natural Sciences


NONATO, Maribel G.

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

RAMOS, Maria Cristina R.

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

UST FACULTY Phar BioChem - SANTIAGO Librado A (2014, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

SANTIAGO, Librado A.

Doctor of Philosophy

UST FACULTY Sci Chem - TAN Mario A (2014, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

TAN, Mario A.

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences

UST FACULTY Sci Chem - VILLAFLORES Oliver B (2016, PhD - 2x2 Gray)


Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry


Pure and Applied Microbiology

The research focuses on molecular detection and identification of mycobacteria, bacteriophages, microbial biodiversity and the application of these in medicine.

UST FACULTY Sci Bio - DEDELES Gina R (2014, PhD - 2x2 Gray)


Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Chemistry, major in Applied Microbial Technology


DELA CRUZ, Thomas Edison E.

Doctor of Natural Science in Microbiology


PAPA, Donna May D.C.

Master of Science in Microbiology

UST FACULTY Sci BioSci - SANTOS Mary Ann C (2016, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

SANTOS, Mary Ann G.

Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology

Research Journal


The ACTA MANILANA is the official publication of the Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences of the University of Santo Tomas. It is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to cover research and development in all areas of the natural and applied sciences. It features research papers, short communications and review papers which have been peer-evaluated and recommended for publication. The journal is rated Category A-2 by the Commission on Higher Education.


The Research Center for the Natural & Applied Sciences

  • promotes and facilitates the involvement of faculty members in the advancement, dissemination and utilization of knowledge in the field of science and technology for the improvement of society and the environment;
  • establishes linkages with other institutions and fosters a free flow of knowledge to and from other sectors of the local and global community.


The Research Center for the Natural & Applied Sciences envisions itself

  • as a community committed to a culture of excellence in research in the field of science and technology, and to the Christian aspirations of the University of Santo Tomas,
  • highly productive and globally competitive in its scholarly endeavors, and
  • deeply motivated to contribute significantly to national development.


Director |


The UST Research Center, better known as the Research Center for the Natural Sciences (RCNS), was conceived during the 350th Anniversary of the University and was confirmed on 31 March 1962 when its rules and regulations were approved by the Economic Council.

The Research Center’s main purpose was to give research opportunities to the faculty members of the University in an attempt to reinforce teaching capabilities with their research experience. Two major areas of exploration were initially considered, the Cultural Sciences and the Experimental Sciences. The only existing criterion for choice was “social significance.”

After years of operation, the Research Council realized that resources would be better maximized by focusing on projects under the umbrella of the Natural Sciences.  So in 1986, with the approval of the Rector, the Center was renamed as the UST Research Center for the Natural Sciences. This Center operates independently from the other research entities of the university which have been set to cater to the other disciplines. To be able to bring the outputs of researches to the community and to the market for possible utilization and application, the University renamed it as Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences (RCNAS) in 2009.

RCNAS through five decades of existence. The productivity of the researchers in the various disciplines, the recognitions accorded the Center and research awards received for exemplary research from external agencies, both local and international, are the strengths of the Center that sustained it through the years. The strong ties the Center bridged among the local, national, and international partners marked the global acceptability of the Research Center and the researchers.  The research grants received for the conduct of disciplined research in specific areas and patents awarded from products of research are the measures of trust and recognition the Center has from the local and international communities and Granting bodies.