Faculty of Pharmacy (1871)

Degree Programs and Departments

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (4 years)

Center of ExcellenceBACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PHARMACY (4 years)

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is a multi-faceted four-year program, as mandated by the Pharmacy Law, as amended, and is composed of general education courses, core courses, and professional pharmacy courses. This program enables students to acquire technical and practical experience in the areas of Community, Hospital, Public Health and Regulatory Pharmacy, Manufacturing Pharmacy, and Research.

The program aims to provide the country with pharmacists who are scientifically and morally competent to deliver the full spectrum of pharmaceutical service consistent with international standards, in the community, pharmaceutical industry, health centers, drug information centers, and laboratories.

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Pharmacy (5 years)


This uses an expanded and innovative BS Pharmacy curriculum that allows pharmacy students to undergo a pedagogy of courses and to acquire skills and training in the development of a Thomasian Clinical Pharmacist within the philosophy of pharmaceutical care with distinct responsibilities in patient-focused pharmacy practice. Clinical pharmacy clerkship is an integral component of the outcomes-based teaching learning program.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (4 years)


Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses. The fourth-year level is the internship program of one year in a CHED-accredited training laboratory with rational duties in different sections, such as Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Immunohematology (Blood Banking), Immunology and Serology, Urinalysis and other Body Fluids (Clinical Microscopy), Parasitology, Histopathologic/Cytological Techniques, and other emergent technologies.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (4 years)


The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry program offers students with the understanding of the structure and function of biomolecules – Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids and Nucleic Acids – studying the way these molecules are organized and their interactions with one another, in order to maintain life processes.

Biochemistry is the branch of science concerned with the chemistry of biomolecules (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids) and chemical processes of life. It is multidisciplinary, standing at the crossroads between the physical sciences (chemistry and physics) and the life sciences (botany, zoology, microbiology, and genetics). This four-year pre-medicine program equips the students with the fundamental principles and theories, as well as applications in research and industry.

The curriculum provides a balance of chemical, biological, and computational components, with excellent training in the following areas of biochemistry: Analytical and Physical Chemistry; Biochemical Techniques in Protein, Carbohydrate, Lipid, and Nucleic Acid Chemistry; Bioinformatics or Computational Biology; Physical Biochemistry; Nutritional and Enzyme Biochemistry; Recombinant DNA and Transformation Biotechnology; Pharmacology; Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology; Intermediary Metabolism and Biochemical Principles in Immunology, Virology, and Cancer.

Our Identity


The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Santo Tomas envisions itself as a premier Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Biochemistry institution in Asia, committed to the professional and moral formation of her stakeholders for social transformation.


The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is aligned with UST’s mission to generate, advance, and transmit knowledge to form competent and compassionate Pharmacy, Medical Technology, and Biochemistry professionals committed to the service of the Church, the nation, and the global community.


Immaculate Conception
Latest News and Events
March 14, 2019 UST produces 42 new pharmacists, Co ranks 8th
December 5, 2018 Hapan of Medical Technology elected as PAMET Executive Secretary
December 4, 2018 Bunag of MedTech awarded Best Oral Presenter in ASEAN Emerging Researches conference for gestational diabetes mellitus screening test
June 21, 2018 Dacanay recognized as Most Outstanding Professional in Pharmacy
May 25, 2018 Thomasian biochemistry, medical technology students dominate 2nd MMHRDC International Symposium
May 2, 2018 Mahidol University benchmarks with Department of Medical Technology
September 19, 2017 Proteomics and Venomics group of Biochemistry joins City University of New York, MSU-IIT to work on spider venom research
September 5, 2017 UST is 2nd top performing school in August 2017 pharmacist boards, 4 in top 10
July 14, 2017 Dean Dacanay of Pharmacy appointed to PRC Continuing Professional Development Council
July 13, 2017 Chua of Biochemistry co-authors award-winning poster in NAST conference
May 26, 2017 Dean Dacanay, Apostol of Pharmacy recognized by Philippine Pharmacists’ Association
March 22, 2017 Apostol receives NRCP achievement award for research in pharmacy
March 15, 2017 UST produces 193 new pharmacists, Pavon clinches top spot
January 31, 2017 Pharmacy, BioChem students win pre-med quiz bee
January 20, 2017 Dean Dacanay, Asst. Dean Hapan appointed to CHEd Technical Committees for Pharmacy, Medical Technology
December 25, 2016 First PhD major in Medical Technology program in the PHL to be offered in January 2017
September 15, 2016 BS MedTech students best 54 other schools in PASMETH quiz bee
July 26, 2016 Cortel of MedTech represents UST in PNHRS
June 17, 2016 Alay-ay, Hermoso, BS ClinPhar, attend June-July summer program of University of British Columbia
June 8, 2016 Biochemistry faculty visit Kyoto University – Institute of Chemical Research
May 3, 2016 Pharmacy inks MOA with De Los Santos Medical Center for Clinical Pharmacy clerkship
February 1, 2016 Mahidol University, Thailand sends MedTech students for exchange program
January 13, 2016 American Medical Technologists recognizes UST program
December 31, 2015 Pharmacy, MedTech depts, programs declared Centers of Excellence
September 17, 2015 Cabantog, Contreras, Obciana, Pua of BS MedTech rank 2nd in 2015 PAMET-PASMETH quiz bee
August 27, 2015 Terumo Marketing Phils. president visits Pharmacy dean
July 19, 2015 UST posts 93.56% passing rate in Pharmacy boards; 4 in top 10
July 1, 2015 BS Clinical Pharmacy students participate in mobility program to Bangkok, Thailand
May 12, 2014 BS Pharmacy program granted Level IV status

Prof. Aleth Therese L. Dacanay, PhD

Dean and Faculty Research

2017 Outstanding Pharmacist in the Academe

Assessor, ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Group

Member, Continuing Professional Development Council for Pharmacy

Professional Regulation Commission

President, Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Prof. Jovencio G. Apostol, PhD

Faculty Researcher

2017 Outstanding Pharmacist in the Research

2017 Achievement Awardee in Pharmacy Research

National Research Council of the Philippines

Assoc. Prof. Ma. Frieda Z. Hapan, PhD

Assistant Dean and Faculty Member

Chair, Technical Committee for Medical Technology / Medical Laboratory Science

Member, Technical Panel for Health Professions Education

Commission on Higher Education

Student Organizations

Faculty of Pharmacy Student Council (FPSC)

The FACULTY OF PHARMACY STUDENT COUNCIL (FPSC) is the student government in the Faculty of Pharmacy (including Medical Technology and Biochemistry). The Council serves as official liaison between the studentry and the faculty and university officials. It may be involved or may take charge of activities that will lead to the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social upliftment of the students in coordination with the other recognized organizations of the Faculty. It shall represent the Faculty in any activity inside and outside the University.

Purple Gazette

PURPLE GAZETTE is the official student publication of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Pharmacy, including Medical Technology and Biochemistry. It shall exclusively publish in-depth reports on the Faculty of Pharmacy’s issues and events, thereby increasing the awareness of the Thomasian community on what are happening inside and outside the Faculty. This, in turn, shall contribute to the strengthening of community spirit and provide additional information on current and up to date issues circulating around the world.

Commission on Elections - Pharmacy Unit

COMELEC – PHARMACY UNIT is in charge of the administration of the Faculty of Pharmacy Student Council (FPSC, for brevity) election. They shall likewise oversee the administration of all class officers’ elections, and all authorized local referenda and plebiscite as well as address issues and concerns with regard to election matters.

Clinical Pharmacy Society

CLINICAL PHARMACY SOCIETY (CPS) commits itself to the philosophy of pharmaceutical care where student-pharmacists initiate, conduct and participate in activities and projects that highlight patient-oriented pharmacy practice consistent with the theories and current development learned in the clinical pharmacy curriculum of the University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Pharmacy. The Clinical Pharmacy Society envisions itself to be an organization of pharmacy students striving to be forerunners in the advancement and application of the best principles of pharmacist-provided patient care.

Junior Pharmacists' Association (JPA) Gamma Chapter

JUNIOR PHARMACISTS’ ASSOCIATION (JPA – GAMMA CHAPTER) is a unit of the Philippine Pharmacists’ Association founded on March 7, 1946. It was organized to foster fellowship among Pharmacy students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and promote good relationship between students of UST and those of other duly recognized institutions of Pharmacy. The Gamma Chapter undertakes activities that will promote cultural and scientific progress. Junior and Senior students are active members but membership is open to freshmen and sophomores.

Medical Technology Society

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY (MTS) is an association of Medical Technology students whose purpose is to unite and acquire an atmosphere of brotherhood and friendship among students and professors alike, to hold activities and projects such as orientation program for-pre-internship training where junior Medical technology students make education tours to various training institutions and laboratories.

UST Biochemistry Society

UST BIOCHEMISTRY SOCIETY (BCS) is an association of Biochemistry students whose purpose is to cultivate cordial relations and promote harmonious cooperation among its members by inspiring mutual understanding among themselves and to hold periodic seminars and scientific lectures on the advancements in the field of biochemistry.

Pharmacy Glee Club

PHARMACY GLEE CLUB (PGC) is a recognized organization of the Faculty of Pharmacy (Including Medical Technology and Biochemistry) with the following objectives: a) to encourage students’ active participation, cultivate their talents and foster unity among the students and members of the university; b) to present the Faculty of Pharmacy in prestigious musical competitions and various social and cultural affairs; and c) to entertain and render humanitarian services through singing.

Pharmacy Dance Troupe

PHARMACY DANCE TROUPE (PDT) is composed of bona fide students taking up Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, Medical Technology, and Biochemistry, bounded by their passion in the creativity of performing arts specifically in dancing, dedicates itself in enhancing the skills, discipline and competitiveness of future Thomasian artists through rigid training. It does not commit itself only in dancing but also takes part in different activities of the college and the university like leadership congress, medical mission and outreach programs.

Pax Romana - Pharmacy Unit

PAX ROMANA – PHARMACY UNIT (PAX) is a unit of the UST Pax Romana International. Its mission is the integral formation (cultural, religious, moral, social, political, etc.) of the Catholic students as a prerequisite to make him/her a true and genuine lay apostle in the intellectual milieu, first as a student and later on as a professional.

Red Cross Youth Council - Pharmacy Unit

RED CROSS YOUTH COUNCIL– PHARMACY UNIT (RCYC) has the following as objectives: a) to serve the focal point through which incoming Red Cross Services can be coordinated; b) to serve as outlets for college Red Cross volunteer services in the community; c) to enable the college community to learn about and obtain Red cross services available to students and their families; d) to assist the university in disaster preparedness, planning and safety procedures; and e) to serve as information center to students about features of the Red Cross.

Scarlet - Pharmacy Unit

SCARLET – PHARMACY UNIT (Filipino-Chinese Student Association) was created to promote social services to the community, to foster better relationship among Chinese and non-Chinese students through exchange of culture. Furthermore, it encourages the members to participate in wholesome activities geared towards total development of both intellectual as well as social growth of the individual.

Scholia Tutorial Club

SCHOLIA TUTORIAL CLUB was organized primarily to help other students comprehend lessons or subjects which they find difficult to discern and assimilate by providing tutorial services. It also gives the members a chance to sharpen and develop further their knowledge of the subject they are handling because tutoring requires their mastery of the subject. It also aims to cultivate within the intellectual atmosphere understanding and unity between students and the various departments of the Faculty. Lastly, it promotes cooperation and good teamwork among the students in the Faculty to acquire its goal of academic excellence.

Organization of Medical Technology Interns

ORGANIZATION OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY INTERNS (OMTI) is recognized as the official organization of senior Medical Technology students. It was organized to a) promote educational advancement through scientific seminars and research; b) establish avenues whereby Medical Technology knowledge can be utilized for the upliftment of the country’s socio-economic and health conditions; and c) cultivate harmonious cooperation and unity among its members.

Administration, Officials, and Staff

Rev. Fr. Pompeyo F. de Mesa, O.P., Regent

Assoc. Prof. Ma. Freida Z. Hapan, PhD, Assistant Dean

Asst. Prof. Renz Kenneth G. Cadiang, MSc, Faculty Secretary

Faculty Council

Prof. Aleth Therese L. Dacanay, PhD, Chair

Rev. fr. Pompeyo F. de Mesa, O.P., Member (Ex-Officio)

Assoc. Prof. Ma. Freida Z. Hapan, PhD, Member (Ex-Officio)

Assoc. Prof. Ma. Cristina C. Doria, PhD, Member

Assoc. Prof. Nelson Tubon, MD, Member

Asst. Prof. Ma. Socorro Crooc, MSc, Member

Asst. Prof. Andrea Vargas, MSc, Member

Mr. Renz Kenneth S. Cadiang, MSc, Ex-Officio Secretary



Asst. Prof. Grace Marie A. Maclan


Asst. Prof.. Gamaliel Issamar S. de Vera, MS


Asst. Prof. Charlemaign Stanley S. Cruz, MS


Mr. Clemenne John S. Madarang, MS


Assoc. Prof. Agnes T. Castillo, PhD


Asst. Prof. Michelle D. Bartolome, MSc


Asst. Prof. Ma. Gina M. Sadang, MSMT


Assoc. Prof. Nelson T. Tubon, PhD


Asst. Prof. Vincent Thomas S. Alferos V, MD

Support Staff

Contact Information

Office Address

Administration Office
2/F, Main Building
University of Santo Tomas,
España Boulevard, Sampaloc,
Manila 1008, Philippines

Telephone Numbers

Telefax: +63-2-8731-4040 | +63-2-3406-1611 loc. 8223


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The University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Pharmacy is the first to offer Pharmacy in the Philippines. It was founded in May 29, 1871 by virtue of the Modification of the Moret Decree. During the Spanish regime, the course took 6 years to finish, then was reduced to 4 years when the Americans took over. By 1926, the Faculty of Pharmacy was the first to accept female students.

The Faculty of Pharmacy continued to grow with the addition of programs leading to a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology in 1958 and Degree of Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in 1962. In both cases, the University of Santo Tomas has gained the distinction of introducing these programs first time in the Philippines. In 2006, the 5 year BS Pharmacy major in Clinical Pharmacy was offered that paved the way for graduates to venture into another promising field of Pharmacy practice.


Prof. Aleth Therese L. Dacanay, PhD


Assoc. Prof. Ma. Elena V. Manansala


Prof. Priscilla M. Torres, PhD


Prof. Rosalinda C. Solevilla, PhD


Norma V. Lerma, PhD

Norma V. Lerma, PhD


Dr. Jose Dayco


Dr. Angelita G. Adeva


Dr. Felipe Carreon


Fr. Lorenzo Rodriguez, O.P.


Fr. Eurasio Dominguez, O.P.


Don Leon Ma. Guerrero


Don Joaquin Garrido


Don Tomas P. Torres


Don Inocencio Madrigal



Fr. Pompeyo F. de Mesa, O.P.


Fr. Ronald Cortel, O.P.


Fr. Joaquin Valdes, O.P.


Fr. Maximiliano Rebollo, O.P.


Fr. Hilario Singian, O.P.


Fr. Tereso M. Campillo, O.P.


Fr. Hilario Singian, O.P.


Fr. Jesus Merino Antolinez, O.P.


Fr. Pompeyo F. de Mesa, O.P.


Fr. Ciriaco Pedrosa, O.P.


Fr. Lorenzo Rodriguez, O.P.