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Institute of Physical Education and Athletics (2000)

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Student Organizations

Patron Saint

(1920-2005), pope 

Patron of the UST Institute of Physical Education and Athletics

Feast Day: October 22

Karol Józef Wojtyła was born in Wadowice, Poland on 18 May 1920. He lost his mother Emilia at age 9; his brother Edmund at 12; and his father Karol at 21. After high school, he enrolled in the Jagellonian University of Krakow (1938).  When the Nazi forces closed the University in 1939, he worked (1940-1944) in a quarry and then in a chemical factory to earn a living and to avoid deportation to Germany. Heeding the call of the priesthood, he studied in the clandestine major seminary of Krakow (1942). After the war, he attained a doctorate in Philosophy (1948) at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome (Angelicum). Eventually, he was appointed auxiliary bishop of Krakow (1958), then Archbishop of Krakow (1964), and he was created a Cardinal (1967). He also took part in the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). 

In 1978, Karol was elected Pope, and made pastoral visits including 104 international apostolic journeys.  On 13 May 1981, an attempt was made on his life in St. Peter's Square. Saved by the maternal hand of the Mother of God, he forgave the attempted assassin and, aware of having received a great gift, intensified his pastoral commitments with heroic generosity. He died in  2005, on Divine Mercy Sunday, which he had instituted. He was beatified in 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI, and was canonized in 2014 by Pope Francis.

The sportsman pope, John Paul II, elevated sports to a level that was never before considered by the Church. He credits sports with a value of important significance in the promotion of the person and opened the door to subsequent reflection in the relationship between sports and spirituality: “In recent years, [sports] has continued to grow even more as one of the characteristic phenomena of the modern era, almost a ‘sign of the times’ capable of interpreting humanity’s new needs and new expectations.” He urged those involved in this activity “to make sports an opportunity for meeting and dialogue, over and above every barrier of language, race or culture.” He underscored that “sports can make an effective contribution to peaceful understanding between peoples and to establishing the new civilization of love.” St. John Paul II is the patron the UST Institute of Physical Education and Athletics.



  • Booklet for the Canonization of Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II, 27 April 2014, pp. 31-34.
  • John Paul II, Homily at the Jubilee for the World of Sports: Even the Greatest Champions need Christ, 29 October 2000; “L’Osservatore Romano” Weekly English Edition, n. 44, 1 November 2000, 1.


Rev. Fr. Rodel S. Cansancio, O.P.,
Director / Regent

Asst. Prof. Rodrigo A. Sambuang, MA
Athletics Moderator

Asst. Prof. Pauline Gabayan
Physical Education Moderator

Asst. Prof. Gilda Ma. Paz R. Kamus, MEd,
Institute Secretary

Assoc. Prof. Jerome A. Porto, PhD
Bachelor of Physical Education Program Chair

Faculty Council

Rev. Fr. Rodel S. Cansancio, O.P.,
Chair (Ex-Officio)

Asst. Prof. Marcelita Apolonia, MPES,

Asst. Prof. Al Denn John Lozada, MPES,

Asst. Prof. Gilda Ma. Paz R. Kamus, MEd,
Institute Secretary


Mr. Michael David T. Lopez

Academic Coordinator 

Asst. Prof. Marcelita Apolonia, MPES

Community Service and Extension (Simbahayan)

Asst. Prof. Diana N. Dy

e-Learning Specialist

Ms. Mia Elaine Jr. C. Andaliza


Ms. Maria Zarah V. Rivera, LPT, MA

Pedagogical Lead

Ms. Jasmin S. Simpao

Student Welfare and Development

Faculty Members

Ms. Ann Geline R. Abejuela

Mr. Marc Anthony B. Adajar

Asst. Prof. Rebecca L. Adri

Mr. Cyrus T. Alcantara

Asst. Prof. Myra D. Alvarado

Ms. Mia Elaine C. Andaliza

Asst. Prof. Raymond M. Anselmo

Asst. Prof. Marcelita L. Apolonia

Ms. Trisha Joy A. Attolba

Mr. Rafael Victor A. Balderama

Ms. Ma. Delapaz B. Banebane

Ms. Luisa L. Bela-Ong

Mr. Noli A. Cajefe

Ms. Shiela Ann J. Candelaria

Ms. Precious Leigh C. Carpio

Ms. Katheleen Lou B. Castro

Mr. Paul Gabriel A. Castro

Rhayzor Jurriene R. Catris

Ms. Paula Karmina C. Cervantes

Mr. Mark Anthony B. Chaiwalla

Mr. Miguel Justin Andre E. Chua

Asst. Prof. Laura Victoria W. Clavo de Comer

Mr. Joseph S. Compañero

Mr. Paolo Enrico S. Cruz

Mr. Julius I. de Guzman

Mr. Teodoro C. dela Peña

Ms. Estrella P. del Castillo

Ms. Olivia U. Dimatulac

Mr. Jeffrey C. Drio

Asst. Prof. Diana N. Dy

Asst. Prof. Alicia I. Erese

Mr. Eriel N. Ferrer

Asst. Prof. Pauline A. Gabayan

Ms. Jheanne V. Garbin

Ms. Clarita C. Gavino

Mr. Enrique Jr. M. Hernandez

Mr. Lester James Dominic B. Hipol

Asst. Prof. Gilda Ma. Paz R. Kamus, MEd

Asst. Prof. Robinson V. Laxa

Mr. Alexander A. Leaño

Mr. Michael David T. Lopez

Asst. Prof. Al Denn John B. Lozada

Ms. Rhea Candice R. Magdaluyo

Mr. Dwane Jasper M. Manlangit

Ms. Regine D. Manuel

Mr. Kent Bryan F. Martin

Ms. Rachel D. Mercines

Mr. Andrew Marie Edward C. Molano

Mr. Steve Michael M. Moore, Jr.

Mr. Resty Jude D. Oliveros

Mr. Kirby Matthew F. Ong

Mr. Arnold S. Pangilinan

Ms. Aubrie Ann C. Patdu

Mr. Sean Jovic P. Peralta

Ms. Sheryl Grace M. Peralta

Assoc. Prof. Jerome A. Porto, DPEd

Mr. Rodel L. Rafon

Asst. Prof. Heddy M. Ragunton

Mr. Regie M. Ramirez

Mr. Artemio Jr. T. Reyes

Mr. Jerome D. Roxas

Ms. Prescila S. Rubio

Asst. Prof. Rodrigo Jr. I. Sambuang

Asst. Prof. Felix Michael C. Silbor

Ms. Jasmin S. Simpao, MA

Mr. Ronald M. Sarrillo

Mr. Randy F. Tilbe

Mr. Mark Angelo S. Tolibas

Asst. Prof. Aida A. Vargas

Support Staff

Mr. Erickson D. Pabalan


Mr. Dan Dave R. Bulaon

Office Clerk

Ms. Marcelita R. Castaño

General Clerk

Ms. Reynalyn A. Guerrero

Office Clerk

Ms. Angelina F. Payuran

Office Clerk

Mr. Ricardo D. Hermoso

Utility Personnel

Mr. Genaro E. Manalili

Utility Personnel

Mr. Raul T. Tindogan

Utility Personnel


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