Pacquing of Philosophy presents paper on Filipino culture at 1st International Erich Fromm Doctoral Seminar

Asst. Prof. Ian Raymond Pacquing, who teaches Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts and Letters presented a paper titled “Neoliberalism, Transference, and the Filipino Culture” during the 1st International Doctoral Seminar at the Erich Fromm Institute Tubingen (EFIT) of the International Psychoanalytic University held in Tubingen, Germany from September 28 until October 1, 2016.

The research paper problematized the idea of Fromm’s social character as the basis of evaluating the incongruences of Filipino culture particularly how values are transmitted as ways of looking at reality.

Pacquing expounded on the impact of neoliberal rationality which is exultantly embedded in modernity. This type of rationality, according to the writer, adopts the institutionalization of an ideology that incorporates the capitalist mentality into the very fabric of human life. Social and cultural institutions are fragmented in lieu of a globalized economic system that caters into individual entrepreneurship, competition, and governmental deregulation.

Moreover, Pacquing argued that this kind of philosophy does not only endanger life but leads towards a disassociation of the ontological reality in which every person finds his locus – culture. Culture is the locus of self-sufficiency, self-identity, and individual autonomy which are now devalued under the auspices of neoliberal constructs.

Pacquing was included in a select group from prestigious institutions in the world who are chosen to present their papers. With the support of Karl Schlecht Foundationthe doctoral seminar was organized by the Erich Fromm Study Center of the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) in Berlin. It was hosted by no less than its literary executor, Dr. Rainer Funk (Germany) and, its scientific supervisors -Dr. Neil Mclaughlin (Canada) and Dr. Lynn Chancer (New York).

The organizers chose 12 participants who use the ideas of Fromm in philosophy, psychology, history, religion, sociology, culture, and arts as the theoretical framework for their paper. Each presenter was given an hour to deliver his/her discourse after which discussions, commentaries, and suggestions followed. Each interpreted Fromm’s ideas in order to have an in-depth understanding of Fromm’s philosophy. After the presentation, Dr. Rainer Funk would give his final commentary, and suggestions for the enhancement of the paper.

The organizers are hopeful that through this doctoral seminar, Fromm’s ideas will be disseminated to a wider audience, and thus attracting researchers and academicians to learn and acknowledge Fromm as one of the intellectuals of the 21st century.

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