Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

One with the University in its commitment to the quest for Truth, the Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the academic records of students under its custody, making them available upon request, subject to existing rules and regulations.





The Office of the Registrar of the University of Santo Tomas assists all academic units, including relevant departments and Offices in the University, on matters pertaining to academic records of students in the Senior High School, baccalaureate programs, graduate programs, and post-graduate programs.


The Mission of the Office of the Registrar is aligned with UST’s mission, to generate and transmit student records and assist the academic units, including relevant Departments and Offices in the University, on efficient student records service to form competent and compassionate professionals, committed to the service of the Church, the nation, and the global community.


The Office of the Registrar envisions itself as an efficient and quality student records service provider in the University in the fulfilment of UST’s vision as a premier institution of learning in Asia, committed to the professional and moral formation of her stakeholders for social transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Present a clear and readable photocopy of the document/s you want to be authenticated at the Information Window of the Office of the Registrar. Fill-out the corresponding application form, secure clearance from the Accounting Office, and pay at the Treasury Department. Submit your documents along with the Official Receipt to Window M of the Office of the Registrar.

Prepare a letter addressed to the Registrar and submit it to the Information Window of the Office of the Registrar. Fill-out the forms to be issued from the Information Window and follow additional instructions for diploma application. Secure clearance from the Accounting Office and pay the corresponding fees at the Treasury Department. Submit the accomplished forms along with the Official Receipt to Window L (for diploma application) and to Window N (for transcript of records application).

Initially, you need to apply for a transfer credential/honorable dismissal certificate. Once the certificate is released, you have to submit that to the school where you wish your credentials to be transferred. The accepting school will then officially request for your transcript of records. Once official request is received, UST Office of the Registrar will then send the Official Transcript of Records (with remarks “copy for xxx (accepting school)) directly to the school. In some instances, the accepting school may authorize you to get your documents personally.

The total process most likely will take three (3) to four (4) weeks or 40 calendar days.

Yes, there is. Present to us a proof (plane ticket, job contract, job order, etc.) or anything that will certify that you need to speed up the process. We will then provide an endorsement letter to CHED. The requesting applicant will be the one to do all the transactions in CHED and in DFA.

The process will take five (5) working days. The requesting party (if currently enrolled) shall bring the original copy of the PSA-verified Birth Certificate (for verification only) together with its clear photocopy (for submission). He/she has to fill-out the application form at the Information Window of the Office of the Registrar. If the applicant is not enrolled, or has already graduated from UST, he/she is required to submit a personal or joint affidavit of Two Disinterested (not related) Persons along with the Original PSA-verified Birth Certificate. For those who are changing their surname from single (maiden) to married, a copy (original or photocopy) of the Marriage Certificate is required.

Yes, a representative must have an authorization letter duly signed by the owner of the records with accompanying ID or scanned copy of the ID bearing the face photo and specimen signature that matches the specimen signature on the authorization letter. The authorized representative must present a valid ID.

(Letter of Authorization Form –

No, if the alumna/alumnus is applying for Transcript of Records for Board Examinations purposes. The concerned alumna/alumnus must be physically present to have his/her photo taken.

None, since computerization of academic records took effect after 2005.

The student’s Official Transcript of Records is printed on a security paper. The last page of the Official Transcript bears a hologram sticker that contains a serial number. This number can be used by employers or verification agencies for checking the authenticity of the records submitted to them. To do so, the verifier simply logs onto the Office of the Registrar website, clicks on the Verification of Student Records tab, and then encodes the Hologram serial number and the date of birth of the owner of the record. If the document is authentic, the website will produce the full name of the owner of the document during his/her stay in the university, the program he/she attended, and Latin honors, if applicable.

Administrators and Staff

Administrators and Staff

Inst. Cesar M. Velasco, Jr., MBA, 


Mr. Reynaldo H. Isidro,
Supervisor – Academic Cluster
Mr. Edwin G. Tababa
Supervisor – Records Cluster 
Mr. Ferwin C. Jimenez
Supervisor – Information, Communication, and Technology Cluster 

Sheila Mae G. Labor,
Office Secretary

Mr. John Jayvee Z. del Rosario
Liaison Staff

Academic Clerks

Academic Clerks

Rioven P. Delos Reyes, 
College of Fine Arts and Design and College of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Dionar M. Acosta,
Conservatory of Music, College of Education, and College of Nursing

Kevin G. Santos, 
College of Commerce and Business Administration and College of Science

Maria Victoria R. Ladisla,
Faculty of Civil Law, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, and Institute of Physical Education and Athletics

Tamara G. Camacho, 
UST-Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy and College of Architecture

Filipina P. Tagaban, 
Faculty of Pharmacy, Graduate School, and Graduate School of Law

Carolyn V. Vinluan, 
Faculty of Engineering and College of Information and Computing Sciences

Mikko L. Wong, 
College of Rehabilitation Sciences and Faculty of Arts and Letters

Records Clerk

Records Clerk

Rose Jean P. Cruz, 
Transcript Clerk

John C. Certeza,
Records Encoder

Glenda G. Ongoco, 
Records Encoder

Robin Jay I. Elvambuena, 
Diploma Clerk

Thor Christian Zeus C. Mendoza, 
Junior Records Clerk

Virginio O. Matias, 
Junior Records Clerk  

Kenny Joven B. Quebec, 
Junior Records Clerk

ICT Cluster Clerks

ICT Cluster Clerks

Franco A. Felix, 
Information Clerk

Evan Justin B. Alfaro, 
Verification Clerk 1 

Kristine Joyce E. dela Paz
Verification Clerk 2
Marjorie B. Cadorna, 

Communications Clerk
(Phone Operator)

Francis Ross V. Gervacio, 
Communications Clerk

Tiffany Anne B. Magbitang, 
Records Encoder

Karlo A. Reñido, 
Junior Computer Clerk
Rico T. Dalisay, 
Utility Clerk

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