VRRI Nonato is UST’s newest NAST Academician

Prof. Maribel G. Nonato, PhD, UST’s Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, is joining the ranks of Academicians of the Department of Science and Technology’s National Academy of Science and Technology. Nonato was nominated by National Scientist Dr. Lourdes Cruz of the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

Affectionately known as the “Pandan Queen,” Nonato pioneered researches in the genus pandanus species endemic to the country, and her seminal work led scientists here and abroad to conduct further studies on the matter. Her studies on pandanus began in the 1990s, as she was pursuing her doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Wollongong, Australia. Her pioneering work has earned her the 2006 National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) Achievement Award for the Chemical Sciences, the 2016 Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology Gregorio Zara Award for Basic Science Research, and the 2017 Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies (PFCS) Shimadzu Achievement Award for Chemical Research.

A prolific researcher and education leader both in and out of the University, Nonato has published research papers and book chapters both in international and local publications. She is a Regular Member of the National Research Council of the Philippines and is a Member of the Technical Committee for Chemistry of the Commission on Higher Education. She was the President of the Natural Products Society of the Philippines (2014-2020), the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies (2008-2012) and the Organic Chemistry Teachers’ Association (2000-2015). 

Nonato, a faculty member of the Department of Chemistry of the College of Science and of the Graduate School, is UST’s first Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, a post previously known as Assistant to the Rector for Research and Innovation. She was Dean of the College of Science from 2008-2012.

Nonato now joins fellow former Science dean and UST research head Academician Professor Emeritus Fortunato B. Sevilla III, PhD, as well as Graduate School faculty members Academician Mudgeekeewis Santos and Academician Veronica Chan. UST graduates who have been elevated to this rank include Nonato and Sevilla, as well as tropical medicine specialist Dr. Remigio Olveda (Education High School 1965, BS Pre-Med 1969) and historian Dr. Gregorio B. Zaide (PhD in History 1934).

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