College of Science (1926)

Our Identity


The UST College of Science is dedicated to the integral formation of ethical, morally upright, competent, and compassionate scientists who are committed to the pursuit of Truth, and whose selfless service to God and community is manifested in their responsiveness to national and global concerns.


The UST College of Science envisions herself as a distinguished and internationally recognized center of learning in the sciences with a strong tradition of excellence in instruction, research, and community service.

Graduate Attributes

Graduate attributes are generic capabilities that ideally all graduates should possess by the end of their university learning experience, regardless of their field of specialization. These have been identified as being valued in a field of study, and are important considerations in the preparation of materials for learning and teaching.

A graduate of the College of Science is:

  • Committed to Thomasian values, and responsive to ethical, social and environmental concerns (Thomasian Values and Ethics)
  • Equipped with discipline-specific knowledge and research skills capable of solving problems in a logical, critical, and creative way (Scholarship and Research)
  • Capable of leading with confidence independently and collaboratively (Leadership and Teamwork)
  • Effective in oral and written communication (Communication Ability)
  • Competent and responsible in the use of information and information technology (Information Competency)
  • Prepared for life-long learning in pursuit of personal and professional development (Lifelong Learning)


  1. To build an excellent center of learning in the sciences with competent faculty members and staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and relevant curricula
  2. To promote a culture of research and scholarship, guided by ethical standards and international benchmarks
  3. To create social awareness through active involvement in community and extension services.
Student Life

College of Science Student Council

Cameron Jilliane O. De Leon, President

Raven Jerome F. Maltezo, Internal Vice President

Frances Mikayla B. Petilla, External Vice President

Patricia Marie B. Arellanoi, Secretary

Alliana Reigne C. Rapisura, Assistant Secretary

Dean Lotus C. Alano, Treasurer

Paula Patricia G. Autajay, Auditor

Wilfredo G. Pico, Jr., P.R.O.

Andrea Lourdes I. Basa, Chief-of-Staff


Commission on Elections

Mariah Anne Veronica B. Nadora, Legal Head

Josefina Danica R. Chua, Vice Chairperson

Stefi Louise M. Pascual, Secretary to the Adjudicatory

Frances Jaira V. Lim, Secretary to the Executives

Beryl Pauline M. Gumansing, Central Representative

Krishella Colline V. Taguba, Logistics Officer

Mary Mark Shireen N. Loba, Finance Officer



Officially Recognized Student Organizations AY 2019-2020

Biology Society

Manuela Angelika P. Esguerra, President

Robert Ace S. Barbers, Jr. External Vice President

Zyra Karll E. Sanchez, Secretary

Kristen First C. Barretto, Assistant Secretary

John Francis M. Mano, Treasurer

Rose Angela C. Goco, Assistant Treasurer

Ashley Rain M. Layugan, Auditor

Josalyn C. Climaco, Thomasian Wellness Advocate

Kim Nicole G. Manipon, 4th Year Batch Representative

Daron Kurt M. Valencia, 3rd Year Batch Representative

Kent Xyril B. Dela Cruz, 2nd Year Batch Representative – Medical Biology

Cleinne Florence G. Fermo, 2nd Year Batch Representative – Industrial Biology

Nicole Ashley A. Suzara, 2nd Year Batch Representative – Environmental Biology



College of Science Dance Troupe

Jan Kayla D. Evangelista, Captain

Kayla Gabrielle C. Lecciones, Internal Co-captain

Arriah Marialis B. Celicious, External Co-captain

Julienne Mae D. Hulipas, Secretary

Jerome Alfred Q. Tabajonda, Treasurer

Bea Camille G. Agustin, Auditor

Alanna Marie O. Dino, P.R.O.

Czar David B. Correos, Thomasian Wellness Advocate


Microbiology Society

Myka Angela M. Punay, President

Kerwin Lloyd R. Sarabia, Internal Vice President

Matyjoy Faith V. Salvacion, External Vice President

Jordan Jeffrey C. Marquis, Secretary

Rominna Pia Angela T. Sebastian, Vice President for Logistics & Operations

Caster Josh R. Ramos, Vice President for Finance

Boram S. Kim, Vice President for Audit

Patricia Denise Crisostomo, Vice President for Promotions & Communications

Katherine Anne L. Escarilla, Vice for Marketing

Ana Sophia M. Coronel, Vice President for Membership & Human Resources

Juan Miguel M. Manago, Vice President for Alumni Affairs



PAX ROMANA – Science Unit

Maria Rozel L. Pineda, President

Thea Mitzi P. Martinez, Executive Vice President

Catherine D. Villo, Catechetical Section Vice President

Marc Martin C. Sagolili, Christian Renewal Section Vice President

Angele Paulee V. Taguines, Cultural Section Vice President

Estelle Janeth G. Bonilla, Social Action Section Vice President

Maria Katrina Anne C. Pingul, Secretary

John Leo Karmelo M. Gamboa, Treasurer

Miguel Luis C. Braganza, P.R.O.

Andrea Nicole B. Vicente, Community Development Committee Head

Russel Heidi Dauigoy, Public Information Officer


Psychology Society 

Karen Frances Beatrice T. Aquino, President

Angeli M. Sta Maria, Internal Vice President

Isabela Sofia R. Eleazar, External Vice President

Kim P. Ricafuente, Secretary

Mikhaela Marielle P. Valmorida, Technical Secretary

Matthew Ryan B. Limpin, Finance Director

Kariel Schrnell C. Yang, Assistant Finance Director

Arnel Mikael R. Aquino, Auditor

Mayred Joy P. Rapanot, Internal PRO

Carmel Anne S. Carangal, External PRO

Joachim Alvaro Miguel F. Elane, Business Manager

Andre Dae Marie C. Bonita, Thomasian Wellness Advocate


Rotaract Club – Science Unit

Bettina Gaile C. Carino, President

Arl Justine N. Juanzo, Internal Vice President

Harold John O. Del Rosario, External Vice President

Julia Nina R. Corrales, Secretary

Janica Maxene L. Mizuse, Treasurer

Charisse Mae M. Pondoc, Auditor

Sharayah V. Clemente, P.R.O.


Scarlet – Science Unit

Seanda Kate G. Villaflor, President

Aemariez P. Legazpi, Internal Vice President

Janina Rina C. Veloso, External Vice President

Jose Marie V. Lazaga, Executive Secretary

Jamil Audric L. Liclican, Vice President for Finance

Paulene Anne S. Chen, Vice President for Auditing & Inventory

Sophia Morgan M. Tan, Vice President for Communications

Leona Liza S. Leyesa, Vice President for Community Development

Seung Yun Oh, Vice President for Events

Marioux Gabriel H. Macaranas, Vice President for Professional Development

John Patrick P. Duabe, Vice President for Arts & Design

Schane Marie Meniel, Vice President for Business & Marketing



UST Applied Physics Society

Lariza Nes H. Lao, President

John Patrick Ryan S. De Guzman, Executive Vice President

Mikaela Victorina C. Masusi, Executive Secretary

Joseph Ian C. Abenilla, Vice President for Finance

Shannen Kate Joyle F. Catriz, Vice President for Audit

Justin Carll G. Cortes, Vice President for Creatives

Paul Mathew G. Garcia, Vice President for Sports & Recreation

Maria Katrina Anne C. Pingul, Vice President for External Affairs

Xander Andre B. Magtibay, Vice President for Marketing

Ronica Lilia A. Pascua, Vice President for Community Development

Richelle H. Panagution, Vice President for Events

Beatrice Christine M. Montemayor, Thomasian Wellness Advocate


UST Chemical Society

Sairille Naomi D. Maneja, President

Dane Anton P. Briones, Internal Vice President

Mikaela Gabrielle L. Perez, External Vice President

Maria Alessandrea D. Daquipil, Secretary

Sean Angelo L. Del Rosario, Assistant Secretary

Marc Andrei M. Montefalcon, Treasurer

Ma. Kristel Anne D. Andal, Assistant Treasurer

Ayman Joseph DL. Arroyo, P.R.O,

Erika Angela S. Paneda, Assistant P.R.O.

Angelica C. Veneracion, Auditor


UST College of Science Glee Club 

Maynard Froy C. Nery, President

Eilon Jann K. Gojol II, Internal Vice President

Althea L. Mangasar, External Vice President

Sofia C. Siddiqui, Secretary

Maria Francesca S. Ortega, Assistant Secretary

John Darell Carpio, Finance Head

Shiho Regala, Auditor

Ianna O. Cometa, P.R.O.

Tiffany Yvonne Sy, Thomasian Wellness Advocate 


UST Community Achievers Association

Aubrey Rose A. Cabelin, President

Ruperto M. Caagusan, Internal Vice President

Antonia Veronica C. Ferrer, External Vice President & Vice President for International Affairs

Eillish M. Querol, Executive Secretary

Sean, Florence D. Peregrina, Vice President for Operations

Erica Joy L. Mendegorin, Vice President for Finance

Julianna Sigrid Claire B. Amorin, Vice President for Audit & Evaluation

Kyla Laurice Mae M. Escovidal, Vice President for Publicity & Communications

Vico Mari Fernando A. Deramos, Vice President for Sponsorship

Khim Marian R. Panaguiton, Chief-of-Staff

Monique Jamie M. Osinada, Thomasian Wellness Advocate


UST Mathematical Society

Ira Dianne J. Caballero, President

Julian Mae M. Solis, Executive Vice President

Ally S. Landrito, Executive Secretary

Cael A. Lincuna, Executive Treasurer

Carl Joaquin F. Soria, Vice President for External Affairs

Jeremiah A. Candelaria, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ian D. Marco, Vice President for Corporate Marketing

Ma. Gabrielle O. Serapio, Vice President for Audit & Logistics

Ralph Willis L. Turbanos, Vice President for Communications

Michael Adrian G. Yambao, Vice President for Socio-cultural Affairs

Kyla Alyssa T. Faurillo, Vice President for Community Development



UST Red Cross Youth Council – Science Unit

Julie Ann Y. Abella, President

Fionna Mae D. Malicsi, Internal Vice President & MAFEC Head

Esmeralda A. Ocampo, External Vice President

Sheila Chelsa Mae D. Dela Rosa, Secretary

Emilene G. Ramos, Treasurer

Michaela Alliah VC. Sehawanlop, Assistant Treasurer

Cyril Francis T. Wakit, Auditor

Ma. Trina B. Mannag, Internal P.R.O.

Melanie B. Paguia, Blood Committee Head

Mary Margaret C. Almazan, External P.R.O. & Thomasian Wellness Advocate


Special Interest Groups

College of Science Drumline

Aivie Angelique B. Cheng, President & Captain

Franklin Ian P. Manodon, Vice President & Co-captain

Mariel Cristine L. Te, Secretary

Yvonne Q. Gancita, Assistant Secretary

Allysa Mae V. Andaya, Treasurer

Adriana Mikaela C. Toledo, P.R.O.

Louise Rae R. Berina, Auditor & Head Snare

Iris Claire A. Defensor, Auditor & Head Bass

Ricardo B. Valenzuela Jr., Medic

Alyssa Rae T. Suyo, Medic

Angelica C. Veneracion, Medic

Sairille Naomi D. Maneja, Advertising



College of Science Journal

Louise Julie W. Pabico, Editor-in-Chief

Jeanny Nova O. Punay, Associate Editor

Lyn, Marielle I. Abesamis, Copy Editor

Christian Dale D. Concepcion, Managing Editor

Patricia L. Quianzon, Junior Managing Editor

Russel Joy C. Burdeos, News Head

Adam I. Vida, Features Head

Chelsea Ivana Sasha V. Galido, Features Head

Catherine Joyce F. Trinchera, Literrary Head

Rubertha Francesca E. Torres, Photography Head

Nazarin Althea V. Latam, Layout Head

Eda R. Cumbao, Visual Arts Head 


Reception Committee

Phoebe Katrina P. Roque, Head

Kyra Ysobel C. Flores, Co-head

Cergen John Go, Team Leader

Aya R. El Oirdighi, Team Leader

Jan Faustino C. Toledo, Team Leader

John Louise L. Resurreccion, Team Leader


AGHAM Flagship Projects / Initiatives


Grand Alumni Homecoming 2020

March 7, 2020 | UST Buenaventura G. Paredes, O.P. Bldg. – Dr. Robert C. Sy Grand Ballroom

Science Week 2019

Araw Parangal ng Agham

Galing Science

Latest News and Events
March 7, 2019 Argao of Psychology participates in Religions for Peace Asia Regional Consultation
February 14, 2019 Domingo leads new registered microbiologists
December 13, 2018 Four Thomasian biologists elected to newly established Philippine Society for Freshwater Science
December 13, 2018 Microbiology Batch 1999 donates to Project Agham’s scholarship fund
August 24, 2018 Papa of Biological Sciences presents papers in 34th Int’l. Society of Limnology conference
July 12, 2018 Tan of Chemistry is 2018 NAST Outstanding Young Scientist
June 26, 2018 BS Applied Physics receives formal accreditation from PACUCOA
January 26, 2018 Psychology students claim UST’s 9th quiz championship
December 15, 2017 3rd UST-USP Joint Symposium goes to Hikone, Japan
September 12, 2017 Papa of BioSci present papers on invasive species in Singapore conference
September 5, 2017 Science welcomes four Myanmarian EU-SHARE exchange students
July 14, 2017 VRRI Nonato, Ramirez of Chemistry, Briones of BioSci win awards in 39th Annual Scientific Meeting of NAST
July 13, 2017 Bance of Psychology wins Best Paper award for temperament scale for armed forces in Bulacan conference
June 2, 2017 VRRI Nonato of Chemistry receives Shimadzu Achievement Award for Chemical Research
April 18, 2017 Dean Ramos of Science elected vice-president of Philippine biology teachers’ association
April 4, 2017 Gumatay of BSc Bio wins BPI-DOST awards
March 22, 2017 Binag of Chemistry is new NRCP president
March 21, 2017 Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Microbiology, Mathematics programs granted PACUCOA Level IV re-accredited status
January 21, 2017 Dean Ramos, Sevilla, Nonato, Maningas, Calaca, Agnes appointed to CHEd Technical Panels, Committees
January 21, 2017 Alejandro, et al. discover new plant in Agusan del Norte, name it in honor of Fr. Rector
January 16, 2017 BS Chem, BS Applied Physics welcome EU-SHARE fellows for student exchange
October 7, 2016 UST produces 30 new chemists; Gervacio, Yee in top 10
October 3, 2016 Sakurai of Osaka University lectures on nanoscience
September 22, 2016 Aguinaldo, Nonato of Chemistry participate in USAID-STRIDE Synergy forum
September 6, 2016 UST is 2nd top performing school in Aug. 2016 psychometrician boards; 6 in top 10
September 1, 2016 Science hosts 5-day course on health management of fishes, crustaceans, and mollusks
July 26, 2016 Science researches bag CHEd Republika Awards
July 6, 2016 Visiting Professor Lowinger teaches Advanced Psych Statistics at Grad School, lectures to Psychology faculty
June 30, 2016 Thirteen (13) Science researchers join top Philippine scientists in June 2016 Webometrics citation ranking
June 17, 2016 Aguinaldo, BS Bio, attends June-July summer program of University of British Columbia
June 10, 2016 BS Biology students win awards in first Philippine freshwater biodiversity symposium
June 10, 2016 UST, US – NAS, USAID PEER project host pioneering symposium on Philippine freshwater biodiversity and Lake Taal’s first Biomuseum
March 19, 2016 Maningas of BioSci, RCNAS wins 2016 Newton Fund fellowship
January 25 BS Biology students, BioSci faculty receive intellectual property awareness training from ITSO
January 22, 2016 Psychology students place 2nd in inter-school quiz bee
January 10, 2016 Psychology alumna makes waves through calligraphy
December 31, 2015 BioSci, Chemistry, Psychology depts, programs declared Centers of Excellence
December 10, 2015 Argao of Psychology attends Asia-Pacific Interfaith Youth Camp in Cambodia
November 30, 2015 Agnes of Psychology appointed Member of the PRC’s Continuing Professional Development Council for psychologists
November 24, 2015 Tan of Chemistry selected as 2016 Novartis Next Generation Scientist Program Fellow
October 30, 2015 UST produces 32 new chemists, grad ranks 8th in 2015 boards
September 30, 2015 Maningas, Science students win first place in DOST’s Regional Innovations Contests and Exhibits
September 30, 2015 Tongol of Chemistry’s fuel cell research makes UST DOST’s national fuel cell testing center
September 18, 2015 University of Glasgow, Singapore officials visit UST, discuss linkage plans
September 11, 2015 Alejandro of BioSci receives 2015 Gregorio Zara Achievement Award for Research
September 3, 2015 Dela Cruz of BioSci recognized as 2015 Metrobank Outstanding Teacher
September 3, 2015 UST confers the title Professor Emeritus upon Sevilla of Chemistry
July 31, 2015 Vargas of Psych presents paper in SEAMEO-SEN conference in Thailand
July 30, 2015 UST declared the only top performing school in Psychometrician exams; 11 grads in the Top 10
July 25, 2015 Science sends BS Applied Physics OJT students partner universities abroad
July 17, 2015 Science co-hosts symposium with Nagoya City University
July 9, 2015 Sevilla of Chemistry becomes UST’s first faculty Academician of the National Academy of Science and Technology
July 9, 2015 Macabeo hailed as 2015 Outstanding Young Scientist in Chemistry, receives 2015 The World Academy of Science Award in Chemistry
July 9, 2015 Alejandro, Maningas of BioSci receive 2015 Outstanding Scientific Paper Award from NAST

The College of Science was established in 1926 as the College of Liberal Arts. It initially offered four-year programs for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees and two-year courses in Preparatory Law and Preparatory Medicine. Through the succeeding years, it expanded its offerings in response to the needs of national development and introduced innovative degree programs including Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (1931), Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (1941), Bachelor of Science major in Zoology (1947), Bachelor of Science major in Psychology (1948), and Bachelor of Science major in Mathematics and Physics (1952).

In 1964, the College of Liberal Arts was transformed into the College of Science, after ceding the Bachelor of Arts program to the Faculty of Arts and Letters. Thereafter, all programs offered by the College focused only on science and mathematics. Ever sensitive to the demands of national growth, the college initiated new programs including B.S. (General) (1964), B.S. Mathematics (1966), B.S. Actuarial Sciences (1974), B.S. Biology (1978), B.S. Microbiology (1979), B.S. Computer Science (1984), B.S. Information Technology and B.S. Information Management (1999), and B.S. Applied Physics (2002). In 2003, the Computer Science, Information technology and Information Management programs were transferred to the Faculty of Engineering. In the year 2009, a shift from theoretical to applied mathematics was implemented with the realignment of B.S Mathematics Major in Actuarial Science to B.S Applied Mathematics Major in Actuarial Science.

Excellence in science education and research has been a byword of the UST-College of Science. In September 2011, the college has been awarded by the Philippine Association of the Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) the highest accreditation of Level IV, the first in the University of Santo Tomas. Having been accredited Level IV, the college became instrumental in the Institutional Accreditation Status of the university awarded by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) in September 2012. In recent years, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has recognized the Department of Biological Sciences as a Center of Excellence in Biology and Microbiology; the Department of Chemistry as a Center of Excellence in Chemistry; and, the Department of Psychology as a Center of Excellence in Psychology.


UST College of Science Alumni Association (COSAA) Interim Officers

Joel Chavez (Biology)President

Casto Ignacio (Psychology)Vice-President

Kay Cabral (Biology)Secretary

Chris Ramirez (Chemistry)Assistant Secretary

Charitess Barlis (Psychology)Treasurer

Gene Illagan (Psychology)Assistant Treasurer

Kris Montefalcon (Physics)Board Member

Vallance Edlagan (Microbiology)Board Member

Edison Subala (Chemistry)Board Member


Program Alumni Association Representatives:

Harold Colon (Psychology)

Errol Angeles (Chemistry)

Mary Ann Santos (Microbiology)

Gerald Soliven (Biology)

Bea Idquival (Mathematics)

Administration, Officials, and Staff

Organizational Structure


UST FACULTY Sci Bio - RAMOS John Donnie A (2014, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

Prof. John Donnie A. Ramos, PhD, Dean

Rev. fr. Louie R. Coronel, O.P., HEL, Regent

Prof. Ma. Carlota B. Decena, PhD, Assistant Dean

UST FACULTY Sci MathPhy - MARTIN Mary C (2014, MS - 2x2 Gray)

Assoc. Prof. Mary C. Martin, MSc, College Secretary

College Council

UST FACULTY Sci Bio - RAMOS John Donnie A (2014, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

Prof. John Donnie A. Ramos, PhD, Chair

Rev. fr. Louie R. Coronel, O.P., HEL, Member (Ex-Officio)

Prof. Ma. Carlota B. Decena, PhD, Member (Ex-Officio)


Prof. Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro, Dr. rer. nat., Member

UST FACULTY Sci MathPhy - MARTIN Mary C (2014, MS - 2x2 Gray)

Assoc. Prof. Mary C. Martin, MSc, Member

UST FACULTY Sci Chem - MENGUITO Corazon A (2016, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

Prof. Corazon A. Menguito, PhD, Member

Asst. Prof. Maria Criselda Pacquing, PhD, Member

Department Chairpersons and Program Coordinators


Prof. Rey Donne S. Papa, PhD

(Biology, Microbiology)

Prof. Gina R. Dedeles, PhD

Coordinator, Microbiology

CHEMISTRY (University-Level)

Assoc. Prof. Dharmatov Rahula B. Albano, PhD

UST FACULTY Sci MathPhy - YAMBAO Enrico S (2016, MS - 2x2 Gray)


Asst. Prof. Enrico S. Yambao, MSc

(Actuarial Science, Applied Physics)

Assoc. Prof. Angelina A. Silverio, MS, MA

Coordinator, Physics

UST FACULTY Sci Psych - AGNES Ma Claudette A (2016, PhD - 2x2 Gray)

PSYCHOLOGY (University-Level)

Prof. Ma. Claudette A. Agnes, PhD


Assoc. Prof. Moises Norman Z. Garcia, PhD (Coordinator)

Coordinators and Supervisors



Ms. Ezra S. Aguilar, PhD

e-LEARNING SPECIALIST (Educational Technology)

Asst. Prof. Xandro Alexi A. Nieto, PhD


Prof. Allan Patrick G. Macabeo, Dr. rer. nat.


Assoc. Prof. Bernhard Egwolf, Dr. rer. nat.


Prof. Maria Cristina R. Ramos, PhD



Asst. Prof. Marilyn G. Rimando, PhD


Assoc. Prof. Maureen B. Sabit, PhD


Asst. Prof. Rafael L. Alfonso, MS


Asst. Prof. Erlinda E. Dilan, MS

Faculty Members
Support Staff

Office Clerks

Ms. Kristine Lorraine F. Breva

Ms. Florinda S. Esguerra

Ms. Lorna A. Gonzales

Ms. Elizabeth F. Manjares

Mr. Gil O. Manrique


Utility Clerk

Mr. Lauro B. Llorera


General Clerk

Mr. Sean Silver Martin B. Macadag-um


Multimedia / Audio-Visual Room Technician

Mr. Generoso D. Medina


Computer Laboratory Technician

Mr. Mark S. Ricablanca


Laboratory Assistants

Mr. Charles E. Alolor

Ms. Bridget C. Arrogancia

Mr. Rommel L. Bronio

Mr. Angelo D.R. Bunag

Mr. Gregorio S. Estioko

Mr. Dionisio V. Layacan

Mr. Albert L. Milabo

Mr. Zoilo Gerard S. Noscal

Mr. Joselito D.G. Payuran

Mr. Marc Dale C. Perez

Mr. Nikko B. Punzalan

Mr. Reynaldo F. Sapnu

Mr. Ruperto T. Simbul, Jr.

Mr. Jose Gilbert F. Tality

Mr. Delfin T. Tampos


Professor Emeritus Fortunato B. Sevilla III, PhD

Faculty Researcher and Former Dean

National Academician, National Academy of Science and Technology

Member, Technical Panel for Science and Mathematics

Chair, Technical Committee for Chemistry

Commission on Higher Education

Prof. Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, Dr. rer. nat.

Faculty Researcher

2017 American Society for Microbiology Awardee for Graduate Teaching

2015 Metrobank Outstanding Teacher for Higher Education

Prof. Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro, Dr. rer. nat.

Faculty Researcher

2015 Gregorio Zara Award for Research

Contact Information

Office Address

Administration Office
3/F, Main Building
University of Santo Tomas,
España Boulevard, Sampaloc,
Manila 1015, Philippines

Telephone Numbers

Telephone: +63-2-8731-5728 | +63-2-3406-1611 loc. 8224 / 8532

Telefax: +63-2-8740-9730