Villalobos, Villaflores of Pharmacy win award for research on wound healing activities of White angel

Faculty of Pharmacy faculty researchers Omay Villalobos and Oliver Villaflores, PhD won Second Place in the Scientific Posters category of the Rapid Fire Competition organized by the 40th Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering and APAMS 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting, results released on August 14, 2020 revealed. The paper was recognized under Cluster 4 – Disease, Medicine, and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The study entitled “Euglycemic and wound healing activities of Wrightia antidysenterica extracts” focused on the substance commonly known as “White angel,” whose aerial parts were dried and “sequentially extracted with solvents of increasing polarity and were subjected to in vitro assay and the most active extract was subjected to in vivo anti-hyperglycemic and wound healing tests.”

The study found that the “constituents of the active DCM bark extract revealed the presence of two unknown alkaloids and polyunsaturated fatty acids that may contribute to pharmacological claims of the extract. The results suggest that Wrightia antidysenterica DCM bark extract can be a potential source of bioactive compounds with euglycemic and wound healing properties.” The study was primarily hinged on the disease of diabetes mellitus, a chronic, multifactorial disorder with hyperglycemia as its primary biomarker.

Villalobos is a faculty member of the Department of Pharmacy and a student of the Graduate School, while Villaflores teaches at the Department of Biochemistry and the Graduate School. Villaflores is also a researcher at the Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences.

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