UST’s Fungal Biodiversity, Ecogenomics, and Systematics (FBeS) group publishes one-stop-shop info site on Philippine slime molds

People who want to know more about slime molds (myxomycetes) in the Philippines now have a one-stop-shop portal: The Fungal Biodiversity, Ecogenomics, and Systematics (FBeS) research group of the Research Center for Natural and Applied Sciences launched today its new website, presenting the must-knows about our local slime molds, related publications and studies, an image gallery, as well as educational materials that can be used to teach children.

Professor Dr. Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, lead researcher and a faculty member of the Department of Biological Sciences, said the project began on March 4, 2020, when sophomore BSc Microbiology students Marcus Lorenzo Acot, Patricia Denise Crisostomo, Boram Kim, and Jordan Jeffrey Marquis accept their professor’s invitation to help create the site.

The portal helps put together what UST has been able to contribute to myxomycetes research in the country. According to Dela Cruz, from a count of 107 species in 1981, the FBeS group and their colleagues have helped increase the list to the present-day 158.

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