UST honors 45 faculty retirees for 2019

The University of Santo Tomas paid tribute to forty-five (45) faculty retirees on May 8, 2019, in a testimonial at the Grand Ballroom of the Buenaventura G. Paredes, O.P. Building.

Nothing but gratitude

In his response, Prof. Ricardo Agbayani, MD, the first Dean of the old Institute of Physical Therapy, said that retirement is a “wonderful feeling of looking forward to a future of more leisure, less pressure from duties and responsibilities, and getting around to the many things I always said ‘I will do it someday.’ But I also feel a tinge of sadness leaving behind what has been such an important part of my life, the University of Santo Tomas.”

Agbayani heaped praises on the University, saying “I have been blessed. I have received graces. I was given so many opportunities in my whole life in this University. I had spent practically all my life in this University, my home for the past 48 years.”

Agbayani, who earned his pre-medical degree in the College of Science by being a working student, recounted his journey in UST, which began in 1971. He paid homage to those benefactors who helped him finish both degrees in UST, which led him to pursue his specialization in rehabilitation medicine. After training abroad, Agbayani became the Director and eventual first Dean of the Institute of Physical Therapy, the present-day College of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Agbayani thanked numerous people who made his career one to be extremely grateful for, from the administrators who mentored him, as well as his former students who are now leaders in the University. “I thank my students most especially, for you have made me what I am today.”

The gift that teachers receive

In his remarks, the Very Rev. Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, O.P., PhD, Rector of the University, said that teachers receive gratitude from two sources: 1) “the students who look up to you as role models and whom you have inspired to be better versions of themselves”; and 2) “the university that acknowledges that an institution of higher learning is as good as its teaching force.”

“The University is known to be one of the best universities largely due to the tremendous role played by its faculty,” Fr. Dagohoy.

“There is really nothing wrong about endings. We just cannot help but feel a little sad when good things come to an end, but we must remember that as a saying goes, ‘There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.’ [Likening it to our Christian faith], we see it as God’s promise, like His promise to Noah that He will not punish men the same way again.”

Closing his message, Fr. Dagohoy highlighted the journey that the faculty members went through: “Our trek from where the rainbow begins and where it ends is, indeed, very wonderful. We experience both success and failure in our journey, but in the end, we know that we have learned quite a lot and have become better persons. The pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow is a special kind of treasure that includes many things, among them happiness, contentment, gratitude, fulfilment, quality time with loved ones, with oneself, thanksgiving, and savoring the beauty of life. There is so much [more to life] than work.”

Forever Thomasian educators

Honored for their years of service were the following:


Assoc. Prof. Tobias A. Bonaobra, PhD

Mr. Enrico Cinco

Assoc. Prof. Ma. Rebecca Penafiel


Asst. Prof. Amanda V. Lachica

Assoc. Prof. Emmanuel J. Lopez, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Ferdinand M. Lopez

Assoc. Prof. Reynaldo A. Reyes


Atty. Alberto B. Dolosa

Assoc. Prof. Mercurio T. Elenzano, PhD


Assoc. Prof. Eufemio G. Barcelon, PhD

Asst. Prof. Rosa S. Lumbrera

Asst. Prof. Beatriz B. Ribleza


Mr. Cesar D. Jucutan


Assoc. Prof. Ma. Victoria E. Amon

Asst. Prof. Lourdes T. Baldelomar

Asst. Prof. Mary Rose Florence S. Cobar, PhD

Prof. Edna C. Quinto, PhD


Assoc. Prof. Lilia C. de Jesus, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Cynthia B. Loza, PhD


Mr. Carlos S. Marnilego

Ms. Imelda Paula S. Rosales


Ms. Ma. Theresa F. Estoya


Prof. Ricardo B. Agbayani, M.D.

Assoc. Prof. Alfred H. Belmonte, M.D.

Assoc. Prof. Rolando E. Cabatu, M.D.

Assoc. Prof. Poderoso B. Casuela, Jr., M.D.

Prof. Roy J. Cuison, M.D.

Prof. Ditas Christina D. Decena, M.D.

Assoc. Prof. Froilan A. De Leon, M.D.

Asst. Prof. Romeo R. Fernandez, M.D.

Prof. Reynaldo M. Javate, M.D.

Prof. Irma A. Lee, M.D.

Assoc. Prof. Aurea P. Llanera, M. D.

Prof. Ma. Philomena G. Lopez, M.D.

Prof. Remedios C. Ong, M.D.

Assoc. Prof. Ma. Noemi T. Salazar, M.D.

Assoc. Prof. Jerry H. Santos, M.D.

Prof. Jose D. Sollano, Jr., M.D.

Asst. Prof. Edgardo T. Tan, M.D.


Asst. Prof. Christian S. Dicioco


Asst. Prof. Rebecca G. David

Prof. Angelita S. Sarile, PhD

Asst. Prof. Ma. Teresa R. Suratos


Asst. Prof. Edna Sanchez


Assoc. Prof. Abner C. Manaloto, PhD


Prof. Ma. Alicia M. Aguinaldo, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Susana F. Baldia, PhD

Asst. Prof. Joyce G. Llana, PhD

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