UST brings topnotch writers to Enverga University for Creative Writing Outreach Lecture Series

The UST Center for Creative Writing and Literary Studies (UST CCWLS) conducted a one day creative and critical writing outreach lecture series on July 25, 2018, at the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF) in Lucena City, Quezon. Dubbed as “Synergy in Literature Teaching and Writing in the 21st Century,” the event featured the UST CCWLS’s director, assistant director, and three of its Resident Fellows, who talked about
various aspects of creative and critical writing.

UST CCWLS Director Prof. Emeritus Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo, Ph.D., opened
the series of lectures with the topic “The Importance of Literature and Creative Writing in the 21st Century.” UST CCWLS Assistant Director Assoc. Prof. Ralph Semino Galán, delivered a lecture on the very broad terrain of literary theory and criticism, from the moral approach in the study of literature to critical disability studies, as well as possible points of entry in Philippine culture and society by aspiring scholars of cultural studies.
Three Resident Fellows of the CCWLS were tasked to deliver lectures.
Asst. Prof. Chuckberry J. Pascual, Ph.D., and incoming coordinator of the newly established undergraduate Creative Writing program of the UST Faculty of Arts and Letters, offered incisive insights on the “hypebeast” phenomenon as a mode of resistance against cultural hegemony by
urban underprivileged youth.

Assoc. Prof. John Jack G. Wigley, Ph.D., gave pointers to young writers on how to be truly funny in Humor Writing using examples from his own work. The Varsitarian Faculty Adviser and Philippine Daily Inquirer Books and Arts Section Editor Joselito B. Zulueta
gave indispensable pieces of advice on how to successfully run a “readable”
campus paper, even paying attention to the layout and use of pointed fonts.
The 200 participants were composed of faculty members and college students from the host school, schools in the nearby provinces of Quezon, and state universities of Southern Luzon. The UST CCWLS Outreach Lecture
Series in SLSU was initiated and first organized in 2013 by Resident Fellow
and UST Department of Literature Chair Joselito D. Delos Reyes, Ph.D.
This year’s Outreach Lecture Series was organized by Assoc. Prof. Galán

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