Torres, Cortez of Nursing invited at Duke University USA

Asst. Prof. Gian Carlo Torres PhD, RN of College of Nursing was invited to present his research study about Surgical Readiness at the Duke University Medical Center (DUMC), Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A on October 23, 2019. In his talk, attended by the Operating Room nurses and staff of DUMC, Torres emphasized the difference between preparing a patient for surgery and promoting surgical readiness when undergoing a surgical procedure. He further highlighted the role of nurses to address patient-specific concerns and address factors such as health literacy and anxiety to promote better surgical outcomes, which can be characterized by improved pain management and positive patient experience.

Torres is currently a visiting scholar of the Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) and is being mentored by the Associate Dean for Global and Community Health Initiatives, Prof. Michael V. Relf PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, AACRN, ANEF, CNE, FAAN. Part of his visiting scholarship program is to advance the nursing science in his research area in perioperative nursing through research publication and employing advanced research methodologies, such as systematic reviews and development of health interventions.

Asst. Prof. Elizabeth D. Cortez, MAN, RN was also invited by Duke University School of Nursing for a week-long visit last September. Her visit was able to successfully achieve the following objectives:
1. Deepen opportunities for sustainable programming and partnerships between UST and DUSON
2. Explore possibilities for expanding collaborative activities and projects
3. Meet appropriate colleagues from the Duke Global Health Institute, School of Medicine, and the Physician Assistant Program to further interdisciplinary collaboration
4. Participate in roundtable discussions and other meetings on current and future opportunities
5. Build relationships with OGACHI team and key faculty members involved in DUSON’s global portfolio
6. Discuss and plan upcoming global clinical immersion experiences for April 2020
7. Attend the Duke University, DUHS, or DUSON global events of interest during the visit

Cortez is a strong advocate of cross-cultural learning and served as the chair of the UST College of Nursing International Relations and Programs from 2013 to 2019. Among the initiatives done were faculty and student mobility, as well as avenues for research collaboration, for the betterment of nursing education in the Philippines and globally. Cortez, known as “Ma’am Beth” by DUSON students, has played a critical role in the implementation of the Duke program for global clinical immersion experiences in the Philippines and the USA since 2016.

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