Top officials, unit heads complete first phase of Strategic Planning for UST 2030

Over the last two days, top University officials and heads of academic and administrative units participated in the online Strategic Planning session that aimed to chart the direction for UST Vision 2030. The event, organized by the Office of Planning and Quality Management (OPQM) under the direct supervision of the Office of the Rector, took place from July 12-13, 2021 and bore the theme “Dreaming Big and Seeking Greater Heights.”

The Rector, Rev. Fr. Richard G. Ang, O.P. , Ph.D., who began his term in June 2020 at the height of the pandemic, acknowledged the tremendous changes that happened between that time and a year later, and reflected as such: “Now more than ever, as an academic community, we need the courage to face the challenges head-on. I entreat therefore our administrative officials to consider the seven-point agenda (of UST 2024 and Beyond) along with the nine SDAs as part of our roadmap to success. Each unit must find its place to contribute to the best of its ability in aligning with our University aims.”

The Rector affirmed the University’s efforts in hurdling and prevailing over challenges. “We need to synergize, and we need to strategize.” Going beyond the internal stakeholders, the Rector disclosed ongoing efforts to tap into external funding and philanthropic support, especially for expansion efforts in the forthcoming UST Sta. Rosa and UST General Santos campuses. The Rector likewise highlighted the crucial role of continued engagement with stakeholders to identify and address gaps in existent programs and efforts to achieve UST’s goals.

Sessions during the planning activity included revisiting the University mission-vision and its 9 strategic directional areas, with their corresponding key result areas and key performance indicators.

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