Thomasian SPED educators conduct seminar on emotional behavioral disorders awareness for freshmen

In an effort to promote awareness of emotional behavioral disorders also known as EBD, among first year Teacher Education students, the Guild of Thomasian Speducators (GuTS) of the College of Education, in coordination with the UST Counseling and Career Center and the UST Hiraya, conducted a seminar titled “SANEsitivity: A Seminar on Mindfulness, Sensitivity, and Adapting to New Environments” held at the Central Laboratory Auditorium, Central Laboratory Building.

Ms. Amy Alarilla from the HOPE Clinic shared her insights on mindfulness, UST Institute of Religion faculty member Asst. Prof. Warren Maneja discussed sensitivity, while College of Education Guidance Counselor Ms. Nerizza Cristobal, talked about adapting to new environments.

The seminar presented the diversity and broadness of EBD and how to be an advocate of people who are in need of their support and acceptance.

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