Simbahayan admin, Ongtangco of OT, Anorico of NSTP present papers in HK

Simbahayan Community Development Office Director Mark Anthony D. Abenir, DSD, and Assistant Director Froilan A. Alipao, together with UST National Service Training Program (NSTP) facilitator Ms. Heiden Anorico, presented papers at the Second International Conference on Service Learning (ICSL) Conference held on December 1 and 2, 2016 at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.

Abenir delivered two papers: one on OBE and another on the application of the service learning approach. The first paper was entitled, “Complementing Outcomes-Based Education with Service Learning: The case of a Sociology Course in a Philippine University,” where Abenir discussed whether OBE and Service Learning can complement one another in a classroom setting. The second paper was entitled, “A Case Study Applying Service Learning Approach: Occupational Therapy in Community Health.” It illustrated how Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) as a strategy is effective in achieving both student learning outcomes and community needs. The second study was co-authored and co-presented by Asst. Prof. Karen Sagun-Ongtangco, MSOT of the Department of Occupational Therapy of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Alipao delivered his paper titled, “Service Learning in BA Sociology Degree Program of University of Santo Tomas: A Case Study.” The paper presented the SLP as effective and efficient in terms of its concept, handling of program, implementation, and output delivery.

Both Abenir and Alipao teach at the Department of Sociology of the UST Faculty of Arts and Letters.

Meanwhile, Anorico’s paper, “College Students’ Evaluation of Service-Learning Program in Geriatric Institution: A Mixed Method Approach” which was co-authored with Mr. Les Paul Valdez of the UST College of Nursing, ascertained the positive cognitive and affective perspective of college students to service-learning in a geriatric institution.

The conference was organized by the University Social Responsibility and Office of Service-Learning of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and was attended by an estimate of 300 participants.

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