Salvosa of Journalism, RCCAH elected to Philippines Communication Society board

Mr. Felipe F. Salvosa II, Coordinator of the BA Journalism program of the Faculty of Arts and Letters and Program Lead for the Journalism program of the Graduate School, was elected as the Public Affairs Officer of the Philippines Communications Society on June 4, 2021 and will serve a two-year term.

In this role, Salvosa will be in-charge of disseminating and communicating the society’s activities to the public through platforms such as the society’s publications. In an interview with the Communications Bureau, Salvosa said he “intend[s] to work on behalf of journalists and journalism educators in PCS, [which] represents the communication discipline in the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC).”

Salvosa, who underscored the value of UST being continuously represented in professional organizations like PCS, acknowledged communication expert Joyce L. Arriola, PhD, who recently ended her two-term stint as PCS Director.

Salvosa is one of the Assistant Publications Advisers of the Varsitarian, the official student publication of the University of Santo Tomas, and is also a researcher at the Research Center for Culture, Arts, and the Humanities. Earlier this year, he was elected as the Vice-Chairman and Treasurer of the Journalism Studies Association of the Philippines, where he will serve in such capacity for three years.

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