Rocamora of Tourism, Public Affairs highlights local tourism officers’ competencies in Springer book chapter

Asst. Prof. Joreen T. Rocamora, PhD, an academic staff of the Department of Tourism Management and Director of the Office of Public Affairs, recently wrote a book chapter in a Springer-published book entitled Tourism in the Philippines: Perspectives on Asian Tourism, with Richard S. Aquino and Brooke A. Porter as editors. Rocamora’s chapter is entitled “The Philippines Tourism Officers’ Competencies based on Tourism Act of 2009 and Local Government Code of 1991.”

In the chapter, Rocamora looked back at the legal bases for local tourism officers’ practice, specifically the Local Government Code of 1991 and the Tourism Act of 2009, the latter spelling out the national policy for developing and promoting tourism in the Philippines. Using a descriptive-correlational design, 335 survey questionnaires were filled out by tourism officers, from whose answers the developed Competence Model of Philippine Tourism Officers emerged.

Though performing their duties in different parts of the archipelago, the study found that the competence levels of the tourism officers were consistent at being moderately extensive on average, while soft skills were highly extensive. The study likewise outlined training needs for tourism officers, who are expected to benefit from capacity-building and assisting the Government in managing tourism destinations.

The book chapter can be accessed here: 

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