RCCAH director leads NRCP research grant on country’s music ecosystem

A seminal and pioneering research on the Philippine Music Industry will be spearheaded by UST Research Center for Culture, Arts, and Humanities (RCCAH) Director Assoc. Prof. Maria Alexandra Iñigo-Chua, Ph.D. The new policy research titled “Musika Pilipinas: Research and Mapping Towards Understanding, Scoping, and Defining the Philippine Music Industry,” is under the auspices of the National Research Council of the Philippines.

As a ground-breaking and establishing research on the Philippine Music Industry, the project will explore and examine the current condition of the music ecosystem of the country, which will serve as an academic foundation in support of the government’s efforts in improving, protecting, and strengthening the creative industries of the country. It will produce an in-depth mapping, scoping and defining of the Philippine music industry and the current socio-cultural and economic state of its music market.

The NRCP new research policy will be grounding its analysis of the current dynamics of the Philippine music industry using the frameworks Cultural Institution Studies (2006) of Prof. Peter Tschmuck from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna – Cultural Institutions Studies and Network Value System (2017) of Prof. Ricardo Alvarez from the University of Barcelona. The exploration will serve as catapult for a comprehensive mapping of the Musika Pilipinas Research Program.

According to the DOST press release, the target beneficiaries of the project include: young talented artists, music agents, promoters, managers, and producers; ailing music ecosystems that need and want to be revived; professional artists, managers, and producers from more mature music industry ecosystems; cultural policy makers and executives; and allied personnel of the music industries.

The three-year Musika Pilipinas Research Grant is in partnership with NRCP’s new policy research on the Philippine music industry in support of the proposed House Bill (HB) No. 8101 or the Philippine Creative Industries Act. The bill advocates for the protection, support, and advancement of the creative industries of the country, since music and the performing arts are one of its vital sectors.

The UST Research Center for Culture, Arts, and Humanities will serve as the governing institution of the research grant.

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