Publishing House holds grand launch of 20 titles from 2016

In celebration of National Literature Month, the UST Publishing House (USTPH) held the Grand Book Launch, a showcase of 2016 titles, last April 25, 2017, at the Tanghalang Teresita Quirino, Benavides Building.

In his message, USTPH Director John Jack Wigley said the authors and the books launched during the program now belong to lineage of the historical tradition of publishing in the University. “This extended and extensive roster of published authors, throughout the centuries, […] boast the big publishing house’s old and ancient underpinnings. [At the same time] the interning flame of tradition of modernity is very much apparent in our press.” Wigley said.

According to Wigley, the publishing works contributed to the country’s intellectual and cultural progress. “[We are] consistently producing publications of high quality, mirroring the university’s goal in promoting the dialogue between faith and reason so as to integrate knowledge about man, nature, and god.”

The UST Publishing House, formerly UST Printing Press, is the oldest continuing press in the world today and had its historical roots to the one of the earliest publication in the country titled Doctrina Christiana by Fray Juan de Plasencia in 1593, using movable wooblock printing. Moreover, the UST Publishing House has been awarded Publisher of the Year four times: in 2003, in 2004, in 2010, and in 2012; it is also the most awarded “Publisher of the Year” academic press in the country.

Below are the titles launched in the event:
“Atonement” by Vaughan Rapatahana
“Looking for Polaris” by Dawn Laurente Marfil
“Kami sa Lahat ng Mataba” by U Z. Eliserio
“Mariposa Gang and Other Stories” by Catherine Torres
“Artemio Tadena” by Gemino H. Abad and Myrna Pena-Reyes
“To the People Sitting in Darkness… and Other Footnotes of Our Past”; “The Camino Real to Freedom” by Jose Victor Torres
“Incision” by Allan Popa
“Navel: n. the central point of a place” by Rica Bolipata Santos
“Writing Naked: A Memoir” by Arnie Quibranza Mejia
“Lieutenant Ramsey’s War” by Edwin Price Ramsey and Stephen H. Rivelle
“Carnival of Hate: Stories” by Augusto Antonio Aguila
“Comprehensive Guide to Physical Examination” by Melvin R. Marcial
“Fictionary: Stories” by Jenny Ortuoste
“Magdalena” by Cecilia Mangerra Brainard
“Kulaboretor! The Issue of Political Collaboration During World War II” by Augusto V. de Viana
“Slivers of the Sky” by Ma. Ailil B. Alvarez
“Kabataang Kulturang Popular”; “Indie Cinema”; “New Media” by Rolando Tolentino
“Media and Religious Communication in Multi-cultural Asis: An Eclectic Research Agenda” by Binod C. Agrawal
“Tatlong Dula: Adaptasyon” by Rody Vera
“Partly Cloudy” by Simeon Dumdum Jr.
“Learning from the Filipino Diaspora: Lessons of Resistance and Critical Intervention” by E. San Juan, Jr.
“The Fish Pearl and Other Stories” by Antonio Enriquez
“Sanga sa Basang Lupa at iba pang kuwento” by Jim Pascual Agustin
“400@800 A Tribute to the 8th Centenary of the Dominican Order (1216-2016)”
“Dialogue, Light and Fire” by Crescencia C. Gabijan

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