Mario Tan of Chemistry, RCNAS is 2021 PFCS Outstanding Achievement Awardee for chemical research

Professor Mario A. Tan, PhD of the Department of Chemistry is the recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Achievement Award in Chemical Research from the Philippine Federation of Chemical Societies, a September 10, 2021 letter from PFCS President Glenn V. Alea, PhD confirmed. 

The Thomasian scientist’s research interests lie in the 1) isolation and identification of secondary metabolites from endemic Rubiaceae plants, indigenous Pandanus species, and endophytic fungi; 2) chemotaxomic significance of the isolated natural products; 3) pharmacological activities of the isolated natural products; and 4) total synthesis and chemical modifications of bioactive natural products.

Lastly, his notable research is on the drug development from natural products: Organic chemistry-oriented research on natural products (isolation of lead/bioactive molecules à synthetic or semi-synthetic studies à biological evaluation).

Tan was named the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Outstanding Young Scientist in Pharmaceutical Science in 2018.  He was recognized as the Novartis Next Generation Scientist Program Fellow in 2016.

A former chair of the Department of Chemistry, Tan teaches at the Graduate School. He is also the newly appointed Assistant Research Director of the Research Center for Natural and Applied Sciences.

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