CRS faculty, alumni, students volunteer services in 30th Southeast Asian Games

Distinguished alumni, faculty members, and student volunteers of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Santo Tomas rendered volunteer services in the 30th Southeast Asian Games, held in various places in the country in late 2019.

The volunteers were part of the Philippine National Teams, workforce, volunteers, and sponsors of the SEA Games. The Philippine Team consists of athletes, sport coaches, and athlete support personnel such as team managers, those working in medical services, sports nutrition and psychology, sport physiology and strength and conditioning departments. These are vital roles in maintaining an athlete’s overall performance and maintaining their daily needs for competition and training. With the emergence of sports science, scientific approaches have been integrated to training programs and practices of our Philippine National athletes that enabled them to be at par with and perform well against international competitors such as that of the South East Asian Games.

Philippine National Team Strength and Conditioning Coaches:

  • Christian Paolo Eslava, Pencak Silat
  • Andre Patrick Rosales, Pencak Silat
  • Kevin Villegas, Women’s Volleyball
  • Luis de Mesa, Men’s Volleyball
  • Paul Mendoza, Men’s Basketball
  • Aaron Ang, Men’s Basketball
  • Saul Anthony Sibayan, Running Performance Coach, Obstacle Course Racing
  • Jandrick Kang, PTRP – Men’s Basketball
  • Jomar Dexter Aseron, PTRP – Men’s Basketball
  • Aspi Calagopi, PTRP – Men’s Basketball
  • Moreen Ortiz – Floorball PT

Athletes of the Philippine National Team

  • Mark Vincent Dubouzet, Handball Team, Bronze Medalist
  • Aldee Faith Denuyo, Rugby Team, Silver Medalist

As part of the SEA Games organizing committee, various functional areas have been established to fully monitor important aspects that make the SEA Games a prestigious international competition.

The Philippine National Anti-Doping Organization is a sub-affiliate of and the country’s recognized anti-doping organization by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). With the objective to maintain and protect the integrity of sport through doping control and education, this area of the SEA Games organizational committee ensures that athletes complete clean and prevent doping, or the use of banned substances and methods, for performance enhancement in their specific sport. Doping control includes testing for banned substances, assisting athletes with therapeutic use exemption and anti-doping education through an Athlete Outreach Program for all South East Asian participants.

Philippine National Anti-Doping Organization, Doping Control Staff:

  • Alejandro V. Pineda, MD, Functional Area Director and Head of Doping Control
  • Anna Lea Enriquez, MD, Therapeutic Use Exemption Officer
  • Dominique Marielle De Castro, Doping Control Cluster Head, Clark
  • Kris Mishael Junasa, Doping Control Cluster Head, Subic
  • Stephanie Claire L. Pagarigan, Anti-Doping Education Head, Clark
  • Christian Rey Rimando, Anti-Doping Education Head, Subic
  • Nathan Michael Vasquez, Doping Control Officer
  • Nasstasja Limos, Doping Control Chaperone
  • Atlantis Tan, Doping Control Chaperone
  • Ric Ian Teng, Doping Control Chaperone
  • Imma Fellis Erika R. Managuelod, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Geraldine T. Gamboa,, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Raphael A. Sales, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Ian Benedict S. Taylo, Anti-Doping Educator
  • David King B. Divina, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Miguel B. Sajona, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Rosanne Mae S. Chua, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Fiona Anne C. Amazona, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Ysabel Maria G. De La Rosa, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Stephanie Raine T. Marino, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Citrine Tee, Anti-Doping
  • Louise Gopez, PTRP
  • Francis Sherwyn S. Tan, Anti-Doping Educator
  • Josiah Marcel Severino, PTRL – PT

The Philippine South East Asian Games 2019 would not have been possible without the management and administrative support of other vital functional areas such as medical teams, who assisted in medical emergencies and procedures during the games, venues and spectator services, who managed the necessary requirements for sports management and officiating for a successful games hosting and a fun and exciting experience for athletes, spectators, officials and other stakeholders.

Medical Team Members

  • Joanna Mae Francisco, MD, Medical Doctor
  • Fe Therese Chavez, MSPT, PTRP – Physical Therapists, Fencing
  • Lia Silvestre, PTRP – Physical Therapist
  • Bettina Pe, PTRP – Physical Therapist
  • Anne Sarmiento – Medical Team Member

Venues Functional Area, Ninoy Aquino Stadium

  • Paul Daniel Ravarra, Venue Manager
  • Raymund Capucao, Spectator Services Venue Team Lead
  • Audrey Yee, Usher Lead
  • Miguel Umbao, Concierge and Communications Lead
  • Marc John Adriel Mendoza, Support Lead
  • Diego Angelo A. Bibit, Venues and Spectator Services Concierge and Support Staff
  • Aaron Anthony C. Chua, Venues and Spectator Services Concierge and Support Staff
  • Gabriel Montini T. De Guzman, Venues and Spectator Services Concierge and Support Staff
  • Erenzo T. Encarnacion, Venues and Spectator Services Concierge and Support Staff
  • Isabella Grace V. Larin, Venues and Spectator Services Concierge and Support Staff
  • Erikson Niño A. Torres, Venues and Spectator Services Concierge and Support Staff
  • Jean Antoine Edmund P. Umali, Venues and Spectator Services Concierge and Support Staff
  • Seann Ervin G. Yu, Venues and Spectator Services Concierge and Support Staff
  • Kymon Philip K. Yulo, Venues and Spectator Services Concierge and Support Staff

The 30th South East Asian Games held in various places in Metro Manila was one of Philippine’s historical sports event hosting, with the Philippines winning overall 1st place with a total of 149 gold, 117 silver and 119 bronze medals. This biennial meet is one of South East Asia’s most prestigious sports events, participated by the eleven member nations of South East Asia namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Timor Leste, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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