CCCPET leads UST team in development of San Pablo City Heritage District Conservation Guidelines

The UST Graduate School Center for Conservation of Cultural Property and Environment in the Tropics (USTGS CCCPET) extended technical assistance to San Pablo City Government of Laguna for the crafting of the Conservation Principles, Policies, and Guidelines for the San Pablo Heritage District. The two-phase project covers December 2020-January 2021 (Phase 1) and  on February 2021-April 2021 (Phase 2).

The project intends to define the heritage district and develop the necessary conservation guidelines to uphold its cultural significance. Specifically, it will formulate infrastructure and activity guidelines based on historical and social research, comparative studies, community consultations, and field work exercises to develop a meaningful conservation framework for the American colonial heritage zone. 

The project is headed by Assoc. Prof. Eric B. Zerrudo, PhD, together with Ar. Caryn P. Santillan from the UST College of Architecture and students from UST Cultural Heritage Studies program. The team is working closely with the San Pablo City Tourism Office, members of Advocates of Heritage Preservation (San Pablo Chapter) and United Architects of the Philippines (San Pablo Chapter). The project envisions a thematic renaissance of its American colonial heritage through architectural forms, design, colors and motifs.

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