CCCPET celebrates Nat’l Heritage Month with international online conference; Zerrudo speaks on heritage at various assemblies

The UST Graduate School Center for the Conservation of Cultural Property and Environment in the Tropics (CCCPET) organized the international online heritage conference “A/Con/Sub Version: Views on the Role of Heritage in One’s Milieu” held for six Mondays from May 3 to June 7, 2021.

The conference served as a commemoration of the first circumnavigation of the world, the celebration of the Philippine Heritage Month 2021, and as part of the CBCP Fr. Alex O. Bautista Memorial Lecture Series.

The heritage conference highlighted versions of and attitudes toward heritage: aversion, conversion, and subversion. It opened dialogues and discourses brought by colonial histories and contemporary interactions. It particularly celebrated the person in and of heritage, from individual storytelling, to word-making that evolved meanings across cultures and generations.

Presentations were made by the members of the UST GS Cultural Heritage Studies Program, and other presenters from the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) Thailand, Zurich University, Ateneo de Manila University, Far Eastern University, Intramuros Administration, Museo ng Kaalamang Katutubo (MUSKKAT), and Tao Incorporated.
For the May 3 session on Indigenous Heritage, the speakers were: Fr. Hermel Pama O.P., Ph.D., who presented “Insolite Memoire: Caring for the opaque, CONserving obscurity, SUBjectivizing things;” Fr. Earl Cura, CICM, Ph.D., who spoke about “Generating Space for Indigenist Stories: A Way-forward to Dignifying IP Self-determination;” and Dr. Carole R. Diamante, who presented “Call of the Mountains: A Meta-narrative of Life, Land, and the Future.”

On May 10, the session was on Material Heritage. Dr. Cheek Fadriquela discussed “Knock on Wood: Diversions in the Conservation of Timber Heritage in Philippine Catholic Churches;” Ms. Rona Catherine Repancol presented “Call of the quarries: Heritage stone and their sources;” and Ar. Ramil B. Tibayan focused on “Garing: Conservation of Philippine Works of Art in Ivory.”

Discussed in the May 17 session was Architectural Heritage, and presenters were: Mr. Joselito H. Corpus discussed “Bohol: 2013 Earthquake Aftermath and Post-mortem;” Ar. Michael Manalo presented “Tao po! People, Monuments, and Sites;” and Ar. Caryn P. Santillan, Ph.D., spoke about “Embracing our Modern Heritage.”
For the May 24 session on Archival Heritage, UST Archivist Prof. Regalado Trota José presented “Getting to know Don Miguel Dipasouay, maguinoo sa bayan ng Binyang, through versions of his last will (1654);” Mr. Romeo Galang, Jr., discussed “Unravelling Worlds: Scouring the Archives for Markers of the Past;” and Dr. Francis M. Navarro presented “An unfinished story: When papers lead a trail.”

On May 31, the presentation focused on Heritage Interpretation. Presenters were: Ar. Paolo Alcazaren, who discussed “Built Heritage Interpretation, Conservation, and Adaptation within the Framework of Contemporary Urban Design;” Ms. Corazon S. Alvina focused on her presentation of “Regarding Heritage;” and Ms. Marian Pastor Roces presented “Curating nation, critiquing heritage.”

The final session was held on June 7 on the topic Religious Heritage. Fr. Milan Ted Torralba discussed “Legislating church heritage: Is there such a thing as a cultural heritage law of the Church?” Ar. Vasu Poshyanandana, Ph.D., presented “Brick, Wood, Stone: Examples of Religious Place Conservation in Thailand;” and Ar. Melva Rodriguez-Java presented “Reconstructing the Domus Ecclesia.”

Zerrudo’s heritage lectures

UST GS CCCPET Director Assoc. Prof. Eric B. Zerrudo, Ph.D., shared his expertise in various avenues for Heritage Month, celebrated in May. Zerrudo delivered lectures in various international and national conferences with topics ranging from heritage theory to cultural development strategies.

The Director spoke on the topic “Youth and Place Making” on May 13 for the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and Association of Local Colleges and Universities (ALCU). His presentation on “Walking on Water: Defining the Seascape” was held on May 15 for the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Tawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural College, while his talk on “Cultural Development Planning” was held on May 20 in a conference organized by the Surigao City Government Tourism Office.

Zerrudo also discussed “Church Heritage” on May 21 for the Jasaan Parish Restoration and Development Council and “Cultural Landscape” on May 27 in NCCA’s AgriKultura.

“Interpretations of Juan Luna’s Parisian Life” was presented on May 27 for the Financial Executives Organization and “Significance as Method” was discussed on May 29 during De La Salle University’s International Heritage Conference.
Aside from being the CCCPET Director, Dr. Zerrudo also leads various efforts and projects across the country in cultural mapping, conservation management planning, and World Heritage nomination.

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