Belmonte of Chem. Eng’g., RCNAS feted as one of DOST-SEI’s outstanding scholar-graduates

On July 18, 2019, Asst. Prof. Beatriz A. Belmonte, PhD of the Department of Chemical Engineering was recognized by the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (SEI) as one of its Outstanding Scholar-Graduates, as part of the annual National Science and Technology Week celebration.

Belmonte’s doctoral dissertation, entitled “Development of an Optimization Framework for Biochar-Based Carbon Management Networks,” “focused on developing computer models to provide decision support for the use of carbonized biomass as a soil enhancer and as a form of carbon sequestration…The work was pioneering in terms of integrating the relevant and practical aspects of biochar research into a systematic framework for the high-level planning of large-scale biochar-based carbon management networks.”

The project has so far led to five Scopus-indexed publications in major journals (e.g., Sustainable Production and Consumption; Journal of Cleaner Production; and Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering) and conference proceedings and three oral presentations.

In an interview with the Communications Bureau, Belmonte expressed gratitude to DOST-SEI and the ERDT for the scholarship grant, to UST for the grant of her study leave, and to Academician Prof. Raymond R. Tan, for “his crucial guidance and support throughout my PhD journey. It was a real privilege to work under the tutelage of a well-reputed and versatile man. He has inspired me to perform at my peak potential, to be totally committed and to develop a passion for excellence.”

Belmonte finished her Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering degree from De La Salle University in December 2018 under the DOST’s Engineering Research and Development for Technology program. She currently teaches at the Faculty of Engineering and is also a researcher at the Research Center for Natural and Applied Sciences.

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