Aquinian of JHS wins nat’l #IWASFAKE digital campaign challenge

The Aquinian, the official student publication of the Junior High School, won the National #IWASFAKE Digital Campaign Challenge organized by the Out of the Box Media Literacy Initiative, which recognized the Project EFAS: Eliminating Fake News and Amplifying the Safe Use of the Internet. The distinction was announced on March 19, 2021.

The award-winning project, which topped the advocacy campaign competition, was spearheaded by Juriel Deign Labudahon, who was joined by Janssel Carlyle Rigor, Heart Catherine Sosa, Stephanie Mae Aquilino, Seann Carlo Lalimarmo, Dianne Grace Masangcay, and Luis Eivan Lanto. The team was mentored by their adviser, Mr. Joram Kim Corcuera.

The team implemented a month-long campaign that included webinars, contests, infographics, articles, modules, and other materials posted on the Facebook page of The Aquinian.

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