Vizconde presents paper on pandemic literacy experiences

Research Center for Social Sciences and Education (RCSSED) Researcher and Graduate School Assistant Dean Prof. Camilla J. Vizconde, Ph.D., presented her paper, “Literacy Experiences of Filipino Families during the Covid 19 Pandemic”, in the Japan Association for Language Teachers (JALT) International Conference held in Fukuoka, Japan from November 11 to 14, 2022.

Vizconde’s research, which focused on the various homeschooling and module accomplishment activities of students with their family members (nuclear or extended), were investigated following the unobtrusive design, using YouTube vlogs as main data. Initial results show that family literacy efforts are focused more on children, very rare on adults’ literacy development. Challenges met by the family were focused on the requirements to be met by students in their subjects. Mothers remained to be the primary support of students in the accomplishment of school tasks. Also, disparity in access to resources between and among families was evident.

As a board member of the Philippine Association for Language Teaching, Inc. (PALT), Vizconde also represented the PALT in the Learning from Students, Educating Teachers – Research and Practice- a forum for the international partners of JALT. Representatives from Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Bangladesh, and Tokyo discussed plans in addressing language teaching and learning concerns in their respective countries. She also attended the Pan-Asian Consortium Meeting where representatives of the English Teachers’ Association of the Republic of China (ETA-ROC), Far Eastern English Language Teachers’ Association (FEELTA), Korea TESOL (KOTESOL), Philippine Association for Language Teaching (PALT), Thailand TESOL, and Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) shared ideas and sought ways to collaborate in order to improve language education in their respective regions and in Asia.
The 48th Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials Exhibition, had face-to-face and online presentations following a hybrid platform.

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