UST, University of Fribourg Switzerland collaborate Comparative Theology Symposium

The UST Faculty of Sacred Theology, UST Institute of Religion, and UST Center for Theology, Religious Studies and Ethics, and the Faculty of Theology, University of Fribourg, Switzerland held a hy-flex Symposium on Comparative Theology under the project on ‘Global Catholicism’ at the George S.K. Ty Function Hall, 4th Floor, Buenaventura G. Paredes, O.P. Building, University of Santo Tomas, Manila on August 17, 2022.

The event featured three in-person lectures from Rev. Fr. Cecilio Vladimir Magboo, O.P., S.Th.D. (Comparative Ecclesiology: Discovering a Way for Different Churches to Exchange Gifts), Assoc. Prof. Allan Basas, S.Th.D. (Synodality as the ‘Mission-Now’ of the Church in the Philippines: A Post-Colonial Engagement of the Church in the Struggles of the People of the Margins), and Prof. Dr. Helmut Zander (Comparative Theology. Reflections on the [New] Role of Religious Studies for the Interreligious Dialogue).

The lectures underlined the reality of religious pluralism and the diversity not only among various religious traditions but even among members of one tradition that is contextualized by different cultures, hence the project of Global Catholicism which intends to investigate the expressions and engagements of the Catholic Church in the many parts of the world.

The activity is also intended as the first of a series of academic collaborations between these two Institutions. The second is projected to happen between March to May of 2023.

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