UST, UMK partner for interdisciplinary approach in art restoration

In a groundbreaking collaboration, a renowned paint conservator of the Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika (UMK) in Poland, Dr. hab. Mirosław Wachowiak, prof., has joined forces with an analytical chemist from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the Philippines, Prof. Karen Santiago, Ph.D. and her research team, emphasizing the crucial role of interdisciplinary collaboration in the realm of art restoration. Their partnership aims to tackle the intricate challenges posed by preserving and restoring priceless works of art, leveraging both artistic expertise and cutting-edge scientific insights.

This cooperation underscores the growing recognition within the art conservation community of the need for multidisciplinary approaches to address the complex issues inherent in preserving cultural heritage. By merging the meticulous techniques of paint conservation with the analytical aspects of science, this partnership promises to unveil new strategies and solutions for safeguarding artistic treasures for future generations.

The joint efforts of Wachowiak and Santiago are expected to yield invaluable insights into the composition of historical pigments, the effects of environmental factors on artwork degradation, and innovative conservation techniques tailored to specific artistic mediums. This fusion of art and science exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in confronting the multifaceted challenges of preserving humanity’s cultural heritage.

During Wachowiak’s visit to UST, he also provided special lectures to students from the College of Science, College of Fine Arts and Design, College of Architecture, and The Graduate School.  

On April 19, the second UST World Lenses: A Cross-cultural Dialogue with Students was held at the College of Architecture AVR, Beato Angelico Building. Esteemed officials from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Manila headed by Ms. Anna Krzak-Danel, Counselor-Minister, Head of the Political and Economic Section graced the occasion with their presence.   Joining Anna are Mr. Bartek Wasiewski, Chief of the Foreign Trade Bureau in Manila, and Ms. Agnieszka Kowalczyk.  This event was through the collaborative efforts of the UST Office of Public Affairs and the Office of International Relations and Programs.

As the art world continues to grapple with the complexities of conservation in an ever-changing landscape, partnerships like this serve as beacons of hope, demonstrating that by uniting diverse fields of expertise, we can overcome obstacles and ensure that our artistic legacy endures for generations to come.

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