UST showcases Iranian artist’s ethnic dresses

In cooperation with the cultural section of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Manila, the University of Santo Tomas mounted the Exhibition of Ethnic Dresses of Iran: “The Colors of Diversity”, showcasing the collection of Iranian Artist Shahin Ebrahimzadeh Pezeshkion last October 9, 2017 at the Buenaventura G. Paredes Building.

Director of Office for International Relations and Programs Lilian J. Sison, PhD, said the multi-ethnicity of Iran have a representation in their central government. “Iran has evolved into a [Theodemocratic country] and is trying to strike a historical balance between secularism and religion.”

Hon. Mohammad Jafarimalak, Cultural Counselor of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Manila, said in his message, “We brought ourselves an artist that tried her best to collect those dresses from different tribes, from districts, and from different areas.”

For his part, Cultural Officer Dr. Bahman Samadi said most of the artwork of Iranian women were inspired by different nations and other elements such as life experiences. “The artist’s ingenuity of [Pazashki] is not only manifested in [making] dresses but also in homes and in daily living,” Samadi said. “Iranian women derive inspiration for their art from nature which they bring home and become part of their living.”

Remnants of Iranian civilization spanning more than 7000 years manifested in Pezeshki’s dresses. Each dress embodied the elegance and vibrancy of Iranian art through different colors.

Pezeshki is a researcher in the Iranian Art of Traditional sewing and the author of “Seven Standards in Teaching Needle Sewing and Classic Decoration of Today’s Modern Dresses.” She is also adept with Sormeh sewing, needle sewing, Iranian silk sewing, and the modern methods of sewing with native designs.

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