UST Sentro sa Salin, UA&P FilDept tie-up gains traction

UST Sentro ng Salin at Araling Salin (UST SSAS) and the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) Department of Filipino have cemented their ties at the Palitang-Salin: Campus Tour and Benchmarking held on July 6.

The consensus meeting, led by UST SSAS Chair Assoc. Prof. Wennielyn F. Fajilan, Ph.D. and UA&P Department of Filipino Chair Asst. Prof. Moreal Camba, Ph.D., allowed both institutions to lay down their translation feats and agenda.

UST SSAS Lupon ng mga Tagasalin members and UST Departamento ng Filipino academic staff, including Asst. Prof. Elenita Mendoza, Asst. Prof. Myra P. De Leon, Ed.D., Asst. Prof. Amalia Castro, Ph.D., Mr. Marvin Zapico, Mr. John Dale Trogo, Ms. Charlotte Malinao, and Mr. Mark Anthony Angeles, shared their experience in technical and literary translation.

Meanwhile, UA&P Department of Filipino academic staff, including Mr. Louise Vincent Amante, Asst. Prof. Leodivico Lacsamana, Ph.D., and Mr. Errol John Velasco, shared their translation of Roman classics.

The event ended with a campus tour where participants, including UST SSAS member and former UST Departamento ng Filipino Chair Prof. Roberto Ampil, Ph.D., visited the Main Building, UST Museum, Quadricentennial Square, and the Miguel de Benavides Library, including the Antonio Vivencio del Rosario UST Heritage Library.

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