UST Sentro sa Salin conducts lecture on liturgical translation

UST Sentro sa Salin at Araling Salin helped spearhead the webinar “Ang Papel ng Liturhiya at Pagsasalin sa Pagpapaunlad ng Pamayanan” via Zoom on November 5, 2022.

The webinar was initiated by the heads of Latin Liturgical Translation course under the Master of Arts in Liturgy Program of San Beda University, in collaboration with the UST Simbahayan Community Development Office.

In her opening remarks, UST Sentro sa Salin Chair Dr. Wennielyn Fajilan looked back at the training given to the Latin Liturgical Translation class last year, which confirmed that students who specialize in liturgy and doctrine have a great potential to become translators because they are subject matter experts.

Asst. Prof. Alvin Ringgo C. Reyes lectured on “Batayang Teorya sa Pagsasalin,” underscoring the contribution of translation to the expansion and propagation of knowledge, aside from intercultural understanding between two different ethnic communities. The Secretary of National Committee on Language and Translation of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCLT-NCCA) also mentioned translation scholars, including Friedrich Schleiermacher, Lawrence Venuti, Eugene Nida, and Peter Newmark.

UST Vice Rector for Finance Rev. Fr. Roberto Luanzon Jr., O.P., S.Th.D., DL, who also teaches at the Graduate School of Liturgy of San Beda University, discussed “Mga Prinsipyo at Konsepto ng Pagsasaling Panliturhiya,” which summarized Pope Paul VI’s message and instruction to translators of the liturgy.

He explained that aside from Latin, translations in the vernacular languages are considered as official languages of liturgical worship of the Roman Catholic Church. However, the level of communication should be separate from the language of the street and public markets, since it has to be worthy of the dignified reality it represents in the liturgy.

In his lecture “Wika at/sa Pagbubuo at Pagpapaunlad ng Pamayanan,” UST Simbahayan Community Development Office Director Asst. Prof. Froilan Alipao, MCD pointed out that “pagpapaunlad ng pamayanan” (community development) developed from being Western into a discipline that is “katutubo, Pilipino, maka-bayan, at maka-tao” (indigenous, Filipino, nationalistic, and humanist).

The webinar was live-streamed via the UST Sentro sa Salin’s official Facebook page, so more individuals will learn about the mutual goals of church, academia, and local communities in cultivating effective communication and stimulating teaching practice, research, and development in communities.

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