UST Senior High School visits St. Francis Xavier’s College, University of New Castle in Australia

The UST Senior High School administrators and academic officials visited St. Francis Xavier’s (SFX) College and the University of New Castle in Australia on July 3, 2019. The SHS group benchmarked its school practices alongside those being implemented in the said two prestigious educational institutions in terms of curriculum, instruction, student formation, facilities, innovations, and other matters affecting effective educational delivery systems. 

The SHS group was composed of Principal Dr. Mary Erika Bolanos, Regent Rev. Fr. Ermito de Sagon, O.P., Asst. Principal for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Rodrigo Litao, Asst. Principal for Student Formation Ms. Jaezamie Ong, and School Secretary Ms. Nerissa Adorna.  Also with them were Strand Chairs Mr. Juan Carlos Santos (Music, Arts and Design), Dr. Rosaly Malate (Humanities and Social Sciences), Mr. Zosimo Membrebe (Accountancy and Business Management), Mr. Raymund Anselmo (Physical Education and Sports), Mr. Louie Dasas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Ms. Hilda Santiago (General Academics/Health Allied ). They were warmly welcomed by the SFX College administrators supervising the implementation of Year 11 and Year 12.  

The two groups held a meeting in whichh they exchanges ideas and insights about their respective best practices. This was followed by a tour of the campus and its facilities. SFX College is a “comprehensive, co-educational senior high school serving the people of greater Newcastle. The motto ‘Christ My Light’ animates the life of the College, which is committed to providing a curriculum that caters for the diversity of student needs, one that is Catholic and imbued with gospel values.”

After the meeting and tour at SFX College, the UST SHS group proceeded to the University of New Castle (UNC) to observe its Chemistry and Physics laboratories. The group likewise observed the best practices in using and supervising the science laboratories in anticipation of the new laboratories at the Pier Giorgio Frassati Building which now houses the Senior High School students. 

UNC  Associate Professor of School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences  John Holdsworth, Ph.D., who was named honorary professor of the UST College of Science in 2017, facilitated the tour of the laboratory facilities. Holdsworth, who was instrumental in creating the MOU of academic collaboration between UST and the UNC, also facilitated the coordination between UST SHS and SFX College for the benchmarking visit.  

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