UST Science, Universiti Utara Malaysia host conference on innovations, analytics

“What’s Next? Surfing the BIG Data Waves”
This was the theme of the 5th Innovation and Analytics Conference & Exhibition (IACE2021), that was jointly organized by the University of Santo Tomas Department of Mathematics and Physics under the College of Science and the School of Quantitative Sciences of the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

Held from November 23 to 24, 2021, the webinar provided a platform for collaboration among academics and practitioners involved in research and development in the quantitative sciences, analytics and applied mathematics.

UST Rector Very Rev. Fr. Richard Ang, OP, Ph.D., in his opening message, stressed the importance of data analytics and the need to find effective ways to analyze and utilize these data especially during this challenging time of the pandemic, stating, “When great minds meet, great things happen.”

The keynote session was led by UST Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Cheryl R. Peralta with her presentation “Data-Informed Decisions in Academics in Support of Quality Assurance: The Experience of the University of Santo Tomas.”

Peralta discussed the University’s experiences in the use of data analytics for informed decision-making in academics and highlighted the key lessons in UST’s journey that helped support continuous quality improvement.

Prof. Dr. Naomie Salim of the School of Computing of the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia, and Prof. Dr. Anton Abdulbasah Kamil of Istanbul Gelisim University, Turkey, were among the keynote speakers.

Faculty members and students from the College of Science and the College of Information and Computing Sciences presented papers during the parallel sessions.

From the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the College of Science, faculty presenters on the topic ‘Surfing the Big Waves’ included: Department Chair Asst. Prof. Enrico Yambao (“Iteration Functions for Approximating Complex Roots of Cubic Polynomials”), Dr. Josephine Bernadette Benjamin, (“Feature Weighted Multi-View Possibilistic C-Means with Feature Reduction Framework”), Dr. Ma. Carlota Decena, (“Detecting Chaos in Time-Series Data of Localized Measles Cases in the Philippines”), Dr. Bernhard Egwolf, (“The UST CoV-2 Model for the COVID-19 Pandemic in Metro Manila”), Asst. Prof. Arturo Patungan- (“A Machine Learning Modeling Prediction of Enrollment of Admitted College Applicants at University of Santo Tomas”), and Asst. Prof. Mark Louie Ramos (“Adaptive local false discovery rate procedures for spiky data and their application to protein Set4 Delta data”).

Discussed during the second day of the webinar was “Improving Asynchronous Delivery of Mathematics in the Modern World through Student Feedback: A Descriptive Case Study” delivered by the dynamic and YouTube sensation faculty member of the Mathematics and Physics Department, Asst. Prof. Xandro Alexi Nieto.

This was followed by eight student presenters from the UST College of Science and the UST College of Information and Computing Sciences that included: Ronica Lilia A. Pascua (College of Science- “Cardiac alternans suppression using the T±ε feedback control in a single cell human model”), Jose Conrado Añonuevo (College of Information and Computing Sciences- “A Prescriptive Analysis of Toll Plaza Booths for Company X”), Ramon Joseph A. Teoxon (College of Science- “Proton beam interaction with ovary and prostate tissues using SRIM software simulation”), Abigail Joy Roxas (College of Information and Computing Sciences – “Revenue Maximization: A Case for a Furniture and Decking Company”), Nicole G. Aquino (College of Information and Computing Sciences – “A Prescriptive Analysis on the Cost Optimization of LF Almirañez Construction Metal Works”), Jigo Jovero (College of Science – “Feasibility of Markov Chain Modelling Techniques for Covid-19 Cases Prediction in the Philippines”), Ray Liorenz SP. Dominguez (College of Science – “Sentiment Analysis of the Community on COVID-19 Vaccination Programs: A Case Study of the 2nd District of NCR, Philippines” ) , and Hancelie Keith Llaguno (College of Information and Computing Sciences – “The Implementation of Service Desk and Service Request Management through the Development of e-Ticketing System for IT Management Services”).

The conference concluded with speeches from the Dean of the UUM School of Quantitative Sciences Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Kamal Mohd Nawawi, and the Dean of the UST College of Science Prof. Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa.

The two-day event in a fully virtual platform brought together numerous participants from Malaysia, Philippines, Nigeria, Japan, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and other countries.


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