UST Publishing House joins country’s biggest book fair

The UST Publishing House (USTPH) joined authors, readers, and other publishers in the Philippines’ biggest book event, the 38th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), held at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

For the MIBF’s 2017 edition, the USTPH gave readers a chance to meet their favorite Filipino authors. Renowned authors Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo (To Remember to Remember and Filipino Woman Writing), Edgar Calabia Samar (Maskara’t Pambata, Halos Isang Buhay, and Sa Kasunod ng 909), Augusto Antonio Aguila (Carnival of Hate and The Heart of Need), Jaime An Lim (Auguries and Peace Mindanao), and Joel Pablo Salud (The Distance of Rhymes and Other Tragedies and The Chief is in the House) signed copies of their books for readers
and fans.

Aside from the book signing events, the USTPH offered discounts on both textbooks and trade books.

According to Publishing House Director Ma. Ailil Alvarez, aside from representing the University in the event, the USTPH booth has become a “site of congregation for book-loving Thomasians.”

“We can say the booth has become a site of congregation for book-loving Thomasians (students, faculty, and alumni alike) who frequent
the Fair on a yearly basis, while other walk-in customers are drawn to our booth because of the name the University carries,” Alvarez said.

“UST’s presence in the MIBF also validates and strengthens the USTPH’s commitment to the dissemination of higher knowledge by
producing outstanding works of scholarly and literary value, in alliance with the University’s mission of education.”

The director also shared that the USTPH plans to carry official UST merchandise in the booth for next year’s MIBF “to provide customers with a variety of items and to expand their buying options.”

The MIBF is the largest and longestrunning book event in the Philippines and has been a venue of exchange for the publishing and
academic industry. It is also a much-awaited event for readers and book enthusiasts.

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