UST Museum mounts exhibition on St. Thomas Aquinas

The University of Santo Tomas Museum mounted an exhibition on the life and achievements of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Patron Saint of the University for whom it is named. Located in the Main Gallery of the Museum, the exhibition runs from August to September 11, 2019.

With the intention of introducing St. Thomas Aquinas to the freshmen of the University, it opened prior to the Freshman Orientation with the theme “Travels of St. Thomas.” This year’s exhibition includes new features such as a map of St. Thomas’ travels on the gallery floor, and angel wings and halos to remind visitors that St. Thomas is known as “The Angelic Doctor.”

Also in the exhibition are a brief chronology of the Saint’s life from his birth in the mid-1220s in Roccasecca, Italy to his proclamation as Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius V in 1567 and the numerous titles attributed to St. Thomas, among others.

Photo credit: Fotomasino

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