UST Museum, Artiste Musaeum jointly mount “Nusantara” exhibitionon Indonesian Objet d’Arts

Art enthusiasts and culture aficionados were treated to a captivating journey into the heart of Indonesian art and culture as the University of Santo Tomas Museum and Artiste Musaeum proudly presented “Nusantara: A Celebration of Indonesian Art and Culture.” The exhibition was unveiled on  September 5, 2023 at the main gallery of the UST Museum.

The term “Nusantara” is derived from combining two old Javanese words – nusa or “island” and antara meaning “between.” Combined, it refers to the Malaysian Archipelago (Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia) along with Indonesia and the Philippines. It also embodies the exhibition’s essence of unity in diversity and is a testament to the artistic brilliance, historical significance, and cultural vibrancy of the area.

Curated by Anthony “Tonet” V. Gedang, owner of Artiste Musaeum, the Nusantara collection lets visitors experience the magic of Indonesia’s indigenous traditions, artistic mastery, and captivating stories. From anthropomorphic sculptures, tribal masks, accessories, and Wayang Kulit shadow puppets, “Nusantara” showcases the profound connection between art and identity.

With a deep appreciation for Indonesia’s artistic heritage, Gedang shared “Nusantara” to honor the nation’s artistic genius, while fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of its cultural tapestry.

Nusantara is a collaboration between the International Council of Museums – Philippines (ICOM Phils), Artiste Musaeum, and UST Museum under its Director, Rev. Fr. Isidro Abaño, O.P.

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