UST Miguel de Benavides Library is ‘new normal’ ready with online services

Since the start of the quarantine in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Santo Tomas, following the policies set by the government, has suspended its public on-site operations. Despite the situation, the Library has never stopped its services and continued to support the informational needs of the Thomasian community virtually. Keeping its patrons’ learning needs is the top priority of the Library. Thus, starting the quarantine, online reference service and support have been provided; access to library accounts has been extended, and access to electronic resources has been promoted and made accessible on a 24/7 basis for Thomasians.

For the Academic Year 2020-2021, the Library is presently engaged in full-time preparation for its services in the new normal complementing the remote delivery of instruction with these guidelines to different services.

Remote Access to e-Resources

Over 1,000 e-books, around 35 databases with some e-resources on trials and open and free access links are available to library patrons of the University. A digital library consisting of rare and historical resources of the University, current UST journals, Filipiniana Theses and Dissertations (with limited pages only), and archival materials are also available. These online resources are accessible anytime and anywhere for free.

Online Library User-Education

This service includes library orientation, online database tutorials, and specialized instruction. The online library orientation is much needed at this time to acquaint the faculty members and students on the Library’s guide to new normal most especially on the access and use of electronic resources. This service is open to all the departments in preparation for the upcoming academic year in which the “enhanced virtual teaching” will be implemented in the University. The academic units through their respective library coordinators can request for an orientation schedule.

Currently, faculty members are attending online Library Orientation being conducted by members of the Library staff. Moreover, by the start of the academic year, the Library will conduct an orientation for all freshman students to acquaint them with the new normal Library services.

Ask a Librarian

Those who have questions may ask a Librarian for assistance via email, phone, or live-chat.

Current Awareness

The Library informs its patrons of the new acquisitions through its website and social media accounts.

Document Delivery

Readers may get full-text electronic journal articles and book chapters from various subscribed databases and open and free access resources. With this service, students will be able to read the library resources they need anytime.


Research papers of the faculty members and graduate school students may be run through the Turnitin software to help avoid plagiarism.


Grammarly account may be requested by faculty members and Graduate School students who are currently enrolled.

Suggest a Purchase

Enhance the library’s collection by sending suggested library materials for purchase. The acquisition of e-resources will be prioritized. However, print and non-print materials may still be recommended.

Borrowing of Library Materials

Administrators, academic officials, faculty members and support staff may check-out library materials following the Circulation guidelines of the library. (until the students are allowed to enter the campus)

Returning of Library Materials

Library materials may be returned without having to get inside the campus. A borrower may return the books by using the book drops located at the España Gate 1, or Dapitan Gate 10. The Library has started the dissemination of the above information through its website and social media accounts.

Library coordinators of the different academic units have been informed that they could request for an orientation or e-resources tutorial schedule for their faculty members and students to be acquainted with the new guidelines.

The Library is also harnessing the knowledge and skills of its librarians and staff to ensure that they will be placed in the flow of online teaching and learning in the University by providing them with additional technology-related training and identifying their essential technological skills in this new normal. The “repurposing” of the library staff is essential nowadays to be even more capable of serving its patrons in this challenging situation.

Since the impact of COVID-19 will be felt for years, libraries need to be more dynamic, creative, and responsive in giving its best service than ever before. The UST Library ensures that it will adopt the new trends in these challenging times for education and will continuously support the University in implementing the demands of the new academic environment.

The Library will always remain engaged, connected, and committed to supporting the information needs of Thomasians.

For updated announcements, please check its website at and social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @ustmdblib

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