Narra (smooth and prickly)

Scientific Name: Pterocarpus indicus Wall.

Family Name: Fabaceae


The heartwood of Narra is known for its rich, reddish-brown color and is highly prized for its use in furniture, carvings, and construction. It is considered a valuable timber species.

Narra is a sign of tenacity and perseverance in the Philippines, where it is frequently connected to strength and durability.

A number of Narra tree parts, particularly the bark, are said to have therapeutic benefits in some traditional medicine traditions. It is important to remember that scientific study is still underway and that traditional usage of Narra trees may or may not be effective.

Apart from being the national tree of the Philippines, Pterocarpus indicus is also culturally significant in many of the communities that make up its natural area, where it is frequently incorporated into customs, festivals, and rituals.