Scientific Name: Dendrocnide meyeniana (Walp.) Chew

Family Name: Urticaceae


Contact with Dendrocnide meyeniana can induce discomfort that lasts for a long time. It has been documented that the pain can return months or even years after the original encounter.

Even raindrops hitting the leaves of Dendrocnide meyeniana can dislodge the stinging hairs, causing the rainwater to become toxic. This means that standing under a gimpi gimpi tree during rain can be a painful experience.

In case of contact with the stinging hairs, the recommended treatment is usually to apply a wax hair-removal strip to the affected area and then rip it off to remove the stinging hairs. Medical attention may also be required for severe cases.

Due to its painful reputation, Dendrocnide meyeniana has earned nicknames like “suicide plant” and “the stinger.”