UST hosts regional seminar for preaching for Dominican family

The Dominican Province of the Philippines, the Institute of Preaching, and the Dominican Family held the opening ceremonies of Vade Praedica (Go Preach): A Regional Colloquium on Dominican Preaching in Asia and the Pacific” on October 10, 2017 at the Buenaventura G. Paredes O.P. Building.

“Preaching today has become very demanding and challenging task, yet it is delightful to see people like you who are […] generous in responding to God’s call but also steadfast in believing that preaching is primarily God’s work,” Fr. Dagohoy said. “He has called us to preach and he is also the one who will call its growth.”

Vade Praedica is a three-day event that ran October 12, 2017 that will feature lectures/fora. Various speakers shared their experiences in their vocation in concurrent sessions on the last day.

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