UST GS webinar focuses on youth-led innovations in environmental management

The youth, referred to as the hope of the land, has been the subject of discussions and even research studies to understand them better and their needs. Thus, Graduate School students and practitioners from various disciplines organized an international webinar on Youth-Led Innovations in Environmental Management held on December 11, 2021.

The virtual event aimed to explore international trends in environmental management focusing on innovative research and youth advocacies along with its applications to local policy and practice.
The webinar was conceptualized to have a deep understanding of the role of the youth in environmental management specifically on the interventions, initiatives and legislation that address climate change, pollution, and food security among many of the issues that plague the ecosystem.

The guest speakers were youth leaders Deign Soriano and Jude Cuntapay. Soriano is currently a graduate student specializing in Environmental Management at the University of Reading, U.K. He shared his experiences as a former faculty member at the University of the Philippines Baguio and as researcher on aquatic (freshwater) ecosystems management.

The second speaker, Cuntapay, is an environmental education specialist from the Non-Government Organization (NGO) Save Philippine Seas. He shared practical lessons on how to engage various stakeholders and educate communities.

During the open forum, both speakers highlighted the role of the youth in environmental advocacy. They also emphasized how the youth can positively impact policies and programs that protect, conserve and enrich the environment.

The project was organized by the Environmental Management by graduate students under Prof. Arlen A. Ancheta, Ph.D., which included Armie Corpuz, Christian Montilla, Daryl Mendoza, Ken Dizon, Philippe Fullido, Pope John Cruz, and Roderick Napulan.

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