UST GS vaccinology forum tackles practical, social benefits of getting vaxxed

The COVID-19 vaccines are now available, vaccination campaigns come in different forms, but still, there are people who remain undecided on getting vaccinated. With the need for the different sectors to work together to provide the public with essential information about COVID-19, which may put an end to the pandemic, the UST Graduate School held a forum titled: “Vaccinology: COVID-19 Myths, Misconceptions and Facts.”

Initiated by the Medical Technology cluster, the online forum was held on November 10, 2021. Resource speakers were Medical City Research and Training Managing Head Dr. Rommel B. Punongbayan, and UP-PGH Division of Infectious and Tropical Disease in Pediatrics Chief Dr. Anna Lisa T. Ong-Lim.

Dr. Ong-Lim also serves as a member of the Department of Health Technical Advisory Group, the IATF Technical Working Group on COVID-19 variants as well as the interim National Immunization Technical Advisory Group for COVID-19 vaccines.

Forum organizers decided to bring the technical and scientific discussions outside the virtual classroom of UST Graduate School as way of public service. They took the opportunity to share the practical and social benefits of vaccination by taking it to the same medium that caused confusion to the public – the internet of things. Through the chosen speakers’ expertise, the participants were informed about the basic principles of vaccination, the mechanism of action, types, and production of vaccines, the efficacy and effectiveness, as well as the roll-out strategies of the government for the Filipinos.

The lectures also provided the participants with information and knowledge on the necessity for vaccination so each one can be part of a solution in ending this pandemic. An open forum followed the lectures.


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