UST GS explores attachment theory in int’l webinar

The Graduate School’s Psychology and Guidance and Counseling Clusters hosted a webinar featuring Ms. Eli Harwood, a Licensed Professional Counselor from Colorado, USA. Harwood, renowned for her work in attachment theory and authorship of books like “Securely Attached: Transform your Attachment Patterns into Loving, Lasting Romantic Relationships” and “Raising Securely Attached Kids,” delivered a talk to 150 attendees, composed of students and teachers, on April 6, 2024.

The webinar delved into the core concepts of attachment theory, highlighting its significance in shaping human relationships and mental well-being. Harwood’s expertise in attachment theory was highlighted as she discussed the intricate nuances of attachment patterns and offered invaluable insights on assessing these patterns effectively. One of the key takeaways was her emphasis on attachment as a fundamental human instinct, driving individuals to form and nurture close caregiving relationships.

The discussion transcended theories as she also shed light on practical tools and interventions used in clinical therapy settings and how people can relate to others around them. This bridging of theory and practice resonated well with the diverse audience. 

The highlight of the webinar was the open forum, where participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions on attachment’s intersection with culture, societal practices, and norms.

The event contributed to academic discourse and catalyzed the fostering of healthier relationships and the promotion of mental well-being in today’s interconnected world.

The program was made possible through Ms. Ayessa Adrian Maderal, GS Guidance and Counseling student who is an associate of Harwood.

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