UST GS discusses AI for improved healthcare efficiency in online webinar

The webinar titled “Artificial  Intelligence – as a means to improve efficiency in healthcare” was held on November 22, 2023 via  Zoom.

This webinar featured Ms.  Muna Fayiz Jaber, an expert on the  intricacies of the rapidly growing  diagnostics technology in Doha, along  with Sir Mark Tacadena, who was a  representative of the AFP Cyber Group, which specializes in the promotion of  cybersecurity in the Philippines.

Ms. Jaber in her discussion  focused on the intricacies of  diagnostics and how Artificial  Intelligence had the potential to  improve not only triaging in the  Philippines, but also the AI-powered  analysis of medical data, which would significantly enhance the  detection and diagnosis of various  diseases. Another significant part of her discussion was how AI should mostly  be focused on detecting the underlying  pathology and selecting the most  suitable medical interventions based on  the patient’s condition, which leads to advancements in the development of  personalized medicine.

The next speaker, Mr. Mark  Tacadena, given that he is an expert of  our country’s cybercrime unit, focused  on the details of technological security  and how each person can protect  themselves from various cybercrime  modalities. His talk also focused on  how cybersecurity is closely tied to  national security. Cyber threats can be  used to compromise critical  infrastructure, disrupt government operations, and even pose risks to  public safety. He emphasized how a  robust cybersecurity framework is vital to protect our national interests.

The speakers engaged in an open  forum with the participants and were awarded certificates, followed by the  closing remarks provided by Prof.  Teresita Irigo-Barcelo, Ph.D.

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