TEDxUST: Illuminating path, detours of life

Successfully joining a world-renowned educative brand in its mission to
elevate ideas worth spreading, the University of Santo Tomas held TEDxUST
on March 10, 2018 at the Central Lab Auditorium, University of Santo Tomas.

“TEDxUST” is an independentlyorganized conference licensed from popular non-profit media organization TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)
and was spearheaded by the University of Santo Tomas Central Student Council (UST-CSC), in coordination with the UST Medical Technology Society and the Office of Public Affairs.

TED’s main conference series, commonly known as “TED Talks,” refers to
its Vancouver-based talks that are posted online for free distribution, while their TEDx initiative allows for independent organizers for cities, academic institutions, or other local communities and organizations to have their own licensed TED experience no matter where they are.

One thousand three hundred thirtysix applicants vied for a chance to be part pf the Thomasian TED audience, with the exclusive event’s two-week screening period ending with 100 chosen participants.

“TEDx is very much aligned with our mission as Thomasians and as a University,” UST Secretary-General Rev. Fr. Jesús M. Miranda, Jr., O.P., mentioned in his welcome remarks, citing the engraved passage on the wall of the Benavides library. It is a mission stated in Latin originating from the
medallion of the Monument to Benavides at Plaza Santo Tomas in Intramuros, which was built in 1892.

The English translation is, ‘Darkness covers this land in a mental mist.
This is the task of the University of Santo Tomas – to spread the light.’
Balancing the light of intellect and the light of hope, the talks aimed at illuminating minds and hearts. Fr. Miranda urged the students, “I hope you will always be surrounded with very good ideas… That is important because soon, you will be sharing light – the light that frees us from ignorance. And that all starts from ideas.” With the theme “Wavelength,” defined as the distance between successive waves that move in continuous motion, a wavelength moves in a specific direction despite its dynamic motion in crests and troughs.

TEDxUST, in adhering to its theme, highlighted the inevitability of ups and
downs in life, along with innovative ideas and inspiration to continue moving forward. CEMEX Philippines Director for Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Mr. Chito Maniago began the
afternoon by sharing how using gift of gab responsibly allowed him to succeed in life

and eventually lifted his family from poverty. He taught the participants
to communicate more effectively so they can be instruments of change.
Following Mr. Maniago was the University of the Philippines
System Executive Vice President and Chairman of Physicians for
Peace Dr. Teodoro J. Herbosa, who discussed his realization that
health and politics are intertwining wavelengths – that good health
reforms needed to solve health inequity will only be achieved with
good politics.

The third speaker was instructor and supervising teacher at the UST
College of Education Ms. Eleanor Bahrami-Hessari, who motivated
students and future educators to step out of one’s comfort zone and
be confident in one’s identity no matter the challenge.

The other speakers included oncologist and trustee of the Philippine Cancer Society Dr. Kelly Salvador. He inspired future Thomasian doctors to be both competent and compassionate healers who treat each life as valuable. In his impassioned speech, he emphasized that those who are determined to be good physicians, must also have compassion. An empathetic doctor’s
task is not just to heal the illness, but to strengthen the heart and spirit of the afflicted persons and their families.

Following Dr. Salvador was the founder and current president of HealthCore and advocate of Medical Tourism Ms. Jocelyn Socao-Alumno. She shared that the hard roads and detours of life are worth the journey, as it will allow the tough ones to forge themselves to be better and help more people along the way.

The final speaker of the day was ABS-CBN talent Mr. Robi Domingo, who encouraged the audience to see the crests of life instead of the troughs and to never remain stagnant, but rather keep moving forward, as life is a
journey of continuous learning.

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