Tangco of Pol Sci designated official WUCT delegate to UN operations

The World Union of Catholic Teachers (WUCT) or Union Mondiale Des Enseignants Catholiques (UMEC) announced that Prof. Belen L. Tangco, O.P., PhD, a faculty member of the UST Graduate School, is the official representative and delegate of the said organization to the United Nations and in all other world organizations for the years 2017 to 2018. This declaration was signed and promulgated by the WUCT-UMEC with concurrence from the Congregation of Catholic Education, the Council of Laymen , and the Episcopal Conference of Bishops. These groups have been actively involved in the initiatives to help the Catholic teachers across different countries and continents in their professional and spiritual growth.

Since 1995, Tangco, the dean of the UST Faculty of Arts and Letters from 2003 to 2006, has been connected with the International Council of UMEC-WUCT and has been its representative in many international fora. She was the convenor and organizer of the International Congress for Catholic Educators in Bangkok, Thailand in 2002.

Aside from her commitment to the cause of Catholic educators worldwide, Tangco has been engaged in many academic pursuits. She serves as Program Lead of the Political Science and Public Administration program of the UST Graduate School.

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