Sociology students present papers at Albanian online conference

Sociology students Jannel Ariana N. Nisperos and Honey L. Gulane from the Faculty of Arts and Letters, along with their research adviser, Asst. Prof. Louie Benedict R. Ignacio, Ph.D., presented papers online at the Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS) International Conference. Nisperos presented her paper titled “Organizational Identity and Culture: Impact of Philippine League of Sociology Students to their Members’ Perception on Sociology”, in the session with the theme Work, Professions, and Organizations.

The paper identified the Organizational Identity and Culture of the Philippine League of Sociology Students (PLSS), an alliance for sociology students who aim to promote the discipline in the country and help sociology undergraduates to create their path in the program. Along with Nisperos, Gulane also presented her paper “Assessment of Knowledge Management and Decolonization Strategies of the Philippine Sociological Review” on the theme Science, Technology, Digitalization, and Innovation. The paper discussed the knowledge management strategies and the decolonization of knowledge production in the PSR, the official publication of the Philippine Sociological Society.

As part of the BA Sociology program, students in their senior year take part in the research agenda of Sociology under the guidance of their adviser. Students are also highly encouraged to participate in national and international conferences, such as the Korça Conference of the Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS). The Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS) is an Albanian organization that aims to promote the discipline of sociology and build networks and connections among different sociologists. The conference consisted of 210 papers and presentations from 23 countries, with 310 authors, co-authors, and contributors. Discussions revolved around the theme of “Education and Culture in Contemporary Society” with over 15 other sub-themes.

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