Sarmago of AB delivers lecture on Applying Development Communication in teaching Purposive Communication

Faculty of Arts and Letters mentor Asst. Prof. Emelito F. Sarmago delivered a lecture on “If Development Communication is Purposive Communication, Can Purposive Communication be Development Communication?” on November 24, 2020, via Zoom as part of the faculty development program of the Department of English.

Using a survey that he conducted among his students, Sarmago began his lecture by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of Purposive Communication as a course offering at the tertiary level. From the responses of his students, he discussed the nature of Purposive Communication and how it is actually implemented in schools. He discussed Development Communication, its characteristics, and the principles of Development Communication that are applicable to Purposive Communication.

Sarmago emphasized the nature of Development Communication being communication with a conscience, communication with a purpose in mind, communication that seeks to create societal change, and a value-laden communication. He also shared several development communication principles that can be anchored on improving and teaching Purposive Communication.

To bring more purpose to class activities, Sarmago even suggested that teachers include the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as possible source of material or inspiration for students’ advocacy plans, being one of the topics in Purposive Communication.

Asst. Prof. Jean R. Celino was the lecture moderator. The monthly lecture will resume in January 2021.

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